reality check pt. 2....

Reminiscent of part 1 that I did about 2 years ago. I talked in codes, to if you were ever wondering: the first paragraph I was talking about my ex's, the second one I was talking about my mom, the third one I was talking about the toomfoolery that I endured in Thurgood when I lived there. This one is going to have no codes.

I couldn't think if a better time to do this. I somehow wake up at 6:30 in the morning and my body doesn't want to go back to sleep. This is going to burn when I get to work at 2. I have those bursts of energy to go and heinously throw my hours to Giant to make as much money as possible so I can shop as much as possible. My aim now? Sort of. Tis the season to be jolly, so I have others to think of before I go a bit ballistic. But to put the spotlight on me, I want to turn my closet upside down. It's soo predictable/re-occuring. Remember that summer when I worked with the SBA? Spent like a lot of money on clothes and stuff, 90% of that stuff I don't like and 95% of that stuff. Time to carefully shop and cop what I look good in, shouldn't be a reason why i can't cop a $350 jacket if I want it and it looks good. I'm limiting myself a lot. Don't get me twisted though, I'm generous. I keep my Christmas lists short every year. You have the defaults Grandma, Mom, Amber, Kathy/Mikayla, Ashlee. Then I'll add one more person to the mix ever year. It's usually someone who has kept it "plain pat" with me.

welcome to the mix Britt....

Words can't express the dire need for this album. Everyone has their connects and muses, I thought mine was Kanye. Kanye inspires me, I see works and thought patterns of Kanye in me (no psycho). However, the feeling I get when listening to Lupe's music is unbelievable. Mad, sad, tired, it seems like whatever he has to say his the cure for the itch, and trust me it's a lot of itching going on. His music is that "RIGHT ON" music, that feel good, that crack, that heat. Man I can literally NOT think of ways to describe the homie. It takes me back to the concert, man what a night; it's the second best I ever been to. I don't think I anticipated The Cool like I am with this, he says he's at work with it. Maybe I should ignore the fact that it was supposed to be her like Fall/Winter. But hey, it's Lupe. Do what you want, just bring that quality music. I'm grateful though, we have another mixtape coming from him on Christmas. The appreciation is there now. Believe it or not, I do need to step my Lupe up a bit. I have about 75% of his unreleased gems. There are a few more tracks to apply to my lengthy playlist. I need to start memorizing more verses so I can start backing him up in arguments that he's arguably the best, and IS the best rapper out right now. As far as music goes, know what and who you are listening to. Music is influential and has the influence to MAKE you do things that you should have no business doing. I love music to death and I'm going to continue to make the best playlists for the blog with the wide range of music. I'm just more mindful of what I'm hearing, don't want to be saying "eff fried chicken" and not know it..because I love fried chicken. Feel me?

this song makes me feel good....

I'm not going to post any resolutions on here like I did last time. I will say that I've been a very good sport this year. I found my balance last semester in school, I used it this semester, and now next semester I'm going to pick it up even more. No lie, 2010 has been a very functioning and productive year. Out with bad in with good, the out with the more bad. I'm not one to say, "I'm going to focus on me" or "I'm going to start not giving a shit" or "Yall are gonna hate". To be honest it's all bullshit (excuse my french). I love my people to much to just focus on me and not give a care or to expect you all to hate me off some new found glory I'm walking with. It blows me even more when people say it too, constantly over and over again. If that's the case then they're the ones with the problem. If you stay true to yourself, then you will have no problem. How about that, let's all stay true to ourselves for 2010. 2009 was a great year though, worked with NASA-went to the beach-saw Mos Def, Lupe Fiasco, Jigga, N.E.R.D., J.Cole., Wale-moved into an apartment and celebrated life, the list goes on. Typing this actually excites me greatly for 2010. I have plans, one resolution I WILL throw up is that I'm going to start reading over my entries before I submit them. Typos are so 2007.

It was fun while it lasted....

As far as the stuff I'm getting into specifically, things are going to change around here. This blog I'm talking about. For one, the big "juhstys" at the corner of every picture is going to get the boot. It's ugly and covers up too many faces in my pictures. So with that, the Juhstys logo is changing-I have no idea about the colors though. I kind of developed a brand, well not yet, behind the green-yellow-red-blue pattern. I do it in my journal as well. I'm debating on it though, like the colors have to band together like these did. To some it's sad because "the colors are sooo me" and all of that blah. Hey the colors are real kiddish, not to say that I'm not a kid at heart. I'll let people meet that side of me rather than see it. We'll see what happens, I do have a good idea of a new color scheme. Until then, no more big ugly "Juhstys" on the bottom right corner of the screen. The music on here is going to change on here. Still that feel good, but more relaxed than uppity. I'm talking a COMPLETE change in playlist-some tracks on the old one will stay here though. I tried to find a few songs that best fits my mood and the new playlist now, what you hear is what I came up with. It's a teaser for whats to come.

The one on the left is Ashlee's, the one on the right is mine. How else did you think I was popping out all those photobooth pics? A Mac is definitely a different computer from a P.C., so different and complex it makes me want to go back to a P.C.. However, my computer is crack and I love it to death. I have Final Cut Express on it, to my dismay-the software is extremely tedious. I'm planning to give it some sit down time to understand it, along with the whole computer. It's a blessing and a big step up in my life. SlickTalk will be going through some changes as well, as soon as I get a hang of what's going on with the software.

I feel monumental with the plans that I have for here on. I swear, I want everyone included in what I'm going to do. I want help. I want support. I'm bringing myself closer as well as setting myself apart. I don't have time for bullshit. Upsets may come, but that's life. I'll handle it however way I choose. Nevertheless, I'm going to win and I want you all to win with me. I made a video out of the Final Cut Express program. It's not good, it's longer than any video of this kind needs to be. I was just testing out my skills on it for practice. The final ended up being huge after exporting it so I broke it up into two parts and had to upload each part on it two different services. Tacky, but it's a start. Give it a watch and stay blessed.

see you in 2010,


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