This is not a change of life, it's a promise

Welcome to a NEW YEAR. 2008 couldn't have came any slower. I have come to realize making a list of resolutions is pointless. It's cool to place bids on breaking an addiction, to start going to church more, to be in a good relationship, or to do good in school. Now with all that said, I usually wonder who is going to follow through. I see their faces lol, once 12:00am hits on January 1st, they look as if the world is over. They are ready to go back to doing the same nonsense that they vowed not to do. So like I say, instead of making resolutions how about you make a promise. You know promises aren't made to be broken right? RIGHT! You want to see my promises?
  • Give GOD more time- I remember the year of 2006, I was an angel! I prayed everyday, went to choir practice every Monday, bible study everyday Wednsday, youth night every Friday, and Sunday service. I don't know what happened, but I must say that during that time I was the most happiest man to be alive. I miss those times, and I know GOD misses me. Im taking it to the creator for 2008.

  • Stop drinking- Note to EVERYONE! I am not an alcholic. There first time that I ever drank was my senior year of high school and that night I didn't even get drunk. The first time I ever got drunk was first semester at Morgan State. Ever since then there has been like at least like a 3 week interval between the last and next time I drink. But I have done more than enough; it's cool to have fun when you are not in your right mind, but it's definitely overrated. Im treating my body like a sanctuary for 2008.

  • School work is the ultimate priority- As most of you know, I slacked off heavily this first semester. I think a great reason of why I wasn't happy this first semester was because of my lack of academic focus. I am using this first semester as a lesson learned and the second semester as a wrong proven right. I am going to be off the scholar tip for 2008.

  • Stop staying up all hours of the night-For those of you who don't know, I am a serious night owl. That messes my mode up during the day. I'm always waking up late for classes, and times that I could have been studying, I'd be sleeping. I would usually be up looking at shoes, or jiving around on facebook. I am definitely not living up to my word now understanding that I am typing this here blog in the wee hours of the morning. So I am going to be in bed on time for 2008.
  • Geting off Facebook's balls- As much as you status changing junkies do not want to realize, Facebook is turning into another time consuming, and pointless Myspace. Don't get me wrong I still fix my Myspace page up everyonce in a while because I like doing that. I also like going on Facebook to throw out some deep statuses for ya'll. But for real, Facebook is swallowing up my time. I don't know how many times I am going to click the home button to see if I got a wall comment or something before my computer blows up lol.I am giving Facebook a rest for 2008.
  • Write it out more- I am going to find more things to write about so I can throw them up on the blog. I am trying to make this a very revolutionary blog. Ya'll are going to get to know me better for 2008.

There you have it, 7 promises that are all going to be fufilled. On June 14th, I am going to write a blog that is going to be checking on the status of my promises. Why June 14th you ask? If you don't know why then go drink venom. Now that I have my life set for 2008, lets go back.


Was a year that I actually tought was my year. As good as I feel about 2008, I felt close to the same in 2007. The only difference was that I was highly immature and naieve to alotta things. So many things were lost but at the same time I had alot of acheivements. Here are some highlights:

First off coming out 2006 into 2007, I was in that super frenzy. First off, I MUST say do not sit down and watch someone mess around with your head and emotions. If you are choosing to let some one play with heart, any hurt feelings or depression that u fall into, IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT. Plain and simple. Dip as soon the disrespect is. Find someone that is worth your time and that plans to do better with your time. Now one thing that you need to keep in mind is to make sure that the person isn't a good friend of the person that you are leaving (Yea, I am reckless). You are only setting yourself up for drama. I did that and it put me through a month and half of noise and mixed emotions. But if you think you got the tots to do it, do your thing. Because that month and a half was the most fun I have had in a while. Would I do it again? Probably not, I ended making things worse by going back to the person that was cuttin' up. I was deep in my emotions so I ended up drawing that picture to portray what was going up. I called it "How To Save A Life". I called it that because that song was stuck in my head for a while. Happily, I made one of my greatest pieces of art work. Sure the visual aint all that hot, but the thought was on point! So after calling it quits for good with the one that was cuttin' up, I went to the supposedly good choice. That ended up not working either, no lie I was real sad. But truth is they come faster than they go. Hard to believe but it's the truth. The tribulation is making sure the right one stays. If they dip, they definitely ain't the right one. A LESSON LEARNED!!!

Can't forget graduation! I LEFT SPRINGBROOK!!! Man I must tell you that I do not miss 'brook at all. I hear all types of stories about Durso suspending people fo the pettiest things. Do I miss it? Hell NO! 2003-2007 was filled with so much memories, so many friendships, fallen friendships at that. As much as I couldn't stand Springbrook and its floozy people, I like the presence that I made and I left there. Though all the drama and backstabbing, I was one of the very few that you would see walking with a smile on my face. I tried my best to make everyone feel loved and wanted. I acted a fool alot of times just to keep the peace. Oh yea R.I.P. to my queens Desi and Lensay. You two may be gone, but trust believe, there is not a day that goes by and I dont think about you. I can't wait to see both of your beautiful smiles again. But yea, Springbrook left smiles, frowns, and scars. I'm glad I am gone.

A former good friend of mine became more than a good friend. A slow dance at a prom night can tell a whole lot about you and another person lol. The truth did come out between us after a while. I guess feelings were mutual for a long time. So we decided to kick things off. Around that time I was leaving for pre-college. I felt that since I was leaving for like 6 weeks, that she wouldn't want to hold me down while I was gone. Fortunately, she said she would lol, Unfortnately she hardly did. Arguments came frome everywhere every night. It was just the simple fact that I needed my work to be my priority other than my relationship with her. She didn't understand so we argued so more until we finally decided to call it quits. Well she did. She broke up with me, and as expected we ended up talking about stitching it back up again. I didn't want to get back within the last two weeks of pre-college. I wanted my work to get done. I told her I wouldn't talk to no one else. Well let's not say I lied, I just liked some else and I told the girl that I liked her in her honesty box. My "girlfriend at the time" logged on to my page and saw what I wrote, bif boom bam it's over! What I think about the situation now? NEVER AGAIN!! But, no hate at all MUCH LOVE TO YA CHAMP!!

Morgan State University Pre-College of summer 2007. Yo, this must have been the greatest functions I have ever participated in. I had so much fun meeting new people getting into trouble, learning about the campus. If you were not in pre-college, you are not a true Morgan student. What do ya'll bo about having classes, meetings, and tutorings sessions from 9 o'clock am to 7 o'clock p.m.. Shoot sometimes them long meetings would make our days from 9 am to 9 pm. Yes, can't forget walking that long hot bridge to get to Communications for our classes. We definitely can't forget Q's bowling party. Oh yea and can't forget the party at Morgan View. I didn't go because I had to handle to business lol. But I heard that all of pre-college was drunk out of their minds. But pre-college was fun, I made friends that slowly but quickly turned into family. I love everything about it and I would definitely do it again. Just not with them strict rules. I know pre-college remembers when we got in trouble for being in Field House. Access set us up I swear to all of you. But in the end it was fun. PRE-COLLEGE 2007 I SEE YOU!!!

So there you have it, 2007 rapped up in its nutshell. As you can see I have made mistakes, but at the same time, I still come out victorious in alot of situations. I hope that you too will also look at this blog and make promises not only to yourself, but to The Creator. Expect big things to start off in 2008. Peace and love to you all.


Syd said...

wow you say a lot of insightful things josh, you really make me consider what "promises" I intend to make for the New Year. And as usual your writing is awesome
luv ya

Anonymous said...

No matter what has happened and how bad it's been U on top at the end of the day basically and it's nice to see your maturity in regards to the situations u have been in that make u who u are as a person that's one of the great things about life but yeah son nice work of art just keep it up cuz u know u got a reader rite here 1

PattyMelt said...

good jo my brother I will strive to do the same thing for the new year cause I need to stop clicking refresh as well lol aight bye hit me up sometime if you need to talk to someone PEACE

Okkk said...

dont worry bro, ima help u out wit those resolutions next semester, and u can help me out wit mine. im tryna punish dem books son, lol. good blog

Virtue said...

..More than inspiration!
2008 is gonna be different.I feel it....not ust for me..but from the looks of ur blog...from you too..so keep it up big bro!!!

Anonymous said...

damn josh. if u dont become a pastor in later years, all this "wisdom" and insight could go to waste. unless of course u find some other creative way to get the word out. and i know u will lol.

believe it or not: u inspire me. and remind me that hope is on the other side of sorrow. i treasure ur "past" advicesesness :p

thankie. love Pablezee :p

Cath. said...

yesss keep on writing in 2008! U know, I don't believe in God, but still ur blog is really inspiring for me to read. Keep the positive vibe going!