i heard you weren't lookin' for me....

It's beautiful outside, like really. I've been captivated in my house and mind for a while. So I took upon myself and this weather to see faces that I haven't seen in literally weeks. Man, I must say I missed them-and too my surprise, I felt loved. It's been a crazy few months, though I learn to appreciate the thrill. I want like a mentor in life, someone I can follow around for a while and teach me to not take life so serious. I'm so solid on a lot of issues and situations, the least bit of movement disrupts me...ewww I don't like that. I plan on taking things to the way opposite a little. Like I'm not the one to pull out clothes and be seen, today-I did such the opposite. Didn't give me a high, but it didn't bring me low. I had on nice clothes and I got to show some love and get it back. Nothing is given, I somehow just ran upon that with heavy emphasis today. I don't know, something about today just taught me to chill out and not be sooooo....yea? Lord, I miss bloggin', I've held out because I thought I had some changes coming. As of know, I think it's dead. But like I said, nothing is givin'-so I guess I have to go about things myself.