Those three red stripes don't lie. On October 27th I was in attendance of the Jay-Z concert in Baltimore. I definitely did not believe that this moment would be happening soooo soon. I mean I still have to see Kanye, like #cmonson. Well down to it, J.Cole came out and did three songs off The Warm Up. Wale came out and did a few old tracks off mixtapes and a couple of songs off of the new CD. N*E*R*D*...whew. You know how that goes, or do you? Plain and simple the crowd was weak, it was a strictly Jay-Z crowd. To see that the people weren't on their feet to show N*E*R*D* some love was heartbreaking. Hey, me and the squad rocked out in the corner though. Felt good to see them boys open up with Anti-Matter again. They played A LOT of new songs and they were with their new member Rhea, who I happened to fall in love with. Then Hov came out.....the floor....to Run This Town. I lost my mind. I really couldn't believe I was looking at Jay-Z on stage. Such a magical moment, he did songs from EVERYTHING. He even did Thank You, I got out my skin for that shit! Now to be totally honest, the concert was amazing, but I was left wanting more. Like N*E*R*D* left me satisfied for months. Lupe gave me the same feeling. The Hov concert just felt incomplete..too fast. The people weren't hype enough for me. Blah, my crew knows how to turn it up though.

By the way, I tried to get my camcorder in there. I thought it was good in Ashlee's purse, but no bueno. Only thing I could take was the snapshot so the footage is realllyy...twisted. I wasn't front row because this was a stadium event and I sort of waited last minute to cop tickets. Either way I was there and footage is footage. At first I was recording EVERYTHING, by the time Jigga came out I hardly had space to record him. So I erased all of Wale, all of J.Cole, and close to all of N*E*R*D*. The only footage I got of the boys was when Pharrell got mad at the crowd for not getting live. So I dropped "a bomb" shall I say. Watch the video and you'll see what I mean.

oooh oh-oh-oh ohhhh



Virtue said...

I'm glad you got footage...Everytime I watch it it reminds me how happy I was at the concert!!!

Welcome To Mezatron said...

i missed out