more of the yard sale...

Nike SB P-Rod 2 sz.11.5-$50

Nike SB Blazer Lebanon sz.11.5-$55

Nike Court Force sz.11.5-$60

Air Jordan 5 sz.11.5-$40

Nike SB Trainer "Jordan Pack" sz.11.5-$55

This is the stuff that I've grown very accustomed to and really like. It should give you a direction of where I'm going with my shoe game. I'm getting rid of all that "beasted material. The most worse thing you can do is buy something without really liking it. Now don't get me wrong, I bought most of these shoes and liked them. They just didn't stick well with me, probably because I saw them on a lot of other people's feet. So yea, there you have it-those four. However, if I'm thrown a nice amount for any of these shoes I'm willing to let these go EXCEPT the Clydes all the way in the end. Hit my phone, twitter, facebook, e-mail--->joshuagwood89@hotmail.com if you're interested in anything. By the way, the High Top P-Rods in the other sale post are knocked down to $60.

now away from the shoes

Selling my Zune, it comes time when newer stuff comes out and you want it. That's the case with this thing right here. It's a good device and to be honest I feel it better than an iPod. You may too for only $120. So whaddya say?

hurry up and buy,


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