it's that dirty money.....

...NOT!! It's your boy Wasalu. Okay, this shit is bananas. He assed out on this beat something serious. This reminds me of that "Real Recognize Real"/"The Cool" Lupe. I really didn't REALLY care for this remix due to the fact that I HATE the song. But as the beat started up, I got excited. This is what I'm talking about, reasons as to why he is number 1 in the game. No one can see this man. By the way, the new mixtape of his, Farenheit IV:Enemy Of The State: A Love Story, drops on Thanksgiving. So if you want a place to cop, your boy will have it ready here for you. Even though there will be MILLIONS of other places with the link, this will be soon a house brand blog for everything.

Lupe Fiasco-Angels (Remix)

thought I called an angel, devils had my phone tapped,


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