office yum!

So working at Nasa is dope, clearly. Every year the office I am in, ODEO (Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity....I think I got it right) has a luncheon within the office and invites some people from other offices to join us also. I underestimated how hard are office was going to go.

Lord have mercy people brought in some good food! Some were store bought, some were made-ALL WERE good. My best part was...

The strawberries in the back. Talk about all the fruit you can eat. Everyone knows I could swim in a pool full of pineapples, grapes, peaches, nectarines, strawberries...and stuff lol. I had soo much fruit that day.

You got to save room for desert. These right here are Ms. Spotts (she prefers Barbara, but Ms. Spotts sounds so dashing) famous cupcakes. These things were off the charts. Yummy factor on a hundred, thousand, trillion!

What's an office luncheon with out an office cake? Now I'm not that big of a cake man so I had to let that one rock. Though it did look good. It didn't last as long as Ms. Spotts cupcakes.

The young lady in the middle is my SUPER supervisor Brenda Manuel, who runs the WHOLE ODEO office. If you kept up with the blog, you'd recognize the lady to the far right, Lori Garver. It was awesome that she came down, I had a feeling that Gen. Bolden would be coming through also. But that guy is BUSY! The tall guy standing between Lori and Brenda is second in command at NASA. Met him my first day, Charles is his name!

It was great how the whole thing came together. ODEO office isn' that huge, but it's big enough to forget that there's like 5 or 6 other staff members that are on your team lol. I guess this serves as a great moment to catch everyone up and keep the good spirits alive. I love my job.

i made the ODEO sign up top (it matches the site :-) ),


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