fray covers heartless

this is pure excellence. it's been out for a week, I have a habit of seeing something that I know will be hot but end up being to lazy to look at it. this video wasn't and exception, but it's Ye related so why not? I watched and was completely blown away, the clearness and depth of a song that's just a cover. what caught me the most was the doodling with the kid and what not. If you know me well (i say that a lot), you know that I definitely can relate to this. from sitting at a desk staring a girl to drawing a battered and bruised heart. but to be honest, the works of the video caught me rather than the connection. the camera angles, the idea, the definition, the slow motion, the animation. VERY creative with the animation. it made me think about what I could possibly be doing now. to be honest, I NEED a new computer. I can hardly produce work of any type on the computer I have now. that's any work like blogging, video editing & uploading. I'm grinding doing what I with what I have trying to get more. looking for a mac of course, and soon a new camera. I'm trying to reinvent [slick]TALK. new logo, new look, new people, new everything, same theme song though lol. but The Fray video is nice, please watch it.

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Welcome To Mezatron said...

Yo this is very creative, It's different to hear a rock band innovate a hip hop song, its always the other way around

Timothy C. Pitts said...