Well, I have no words for last night's Lupe performance. I saw him the first time at Loyola and was blown away, especially when he threw the CRS symbol at me. But last night, Lupe and I and Ashlee took it to the next level. FRONT ROW?!?!?! WHY YES OF COURSE!!! First off let me see that we were overly deep at this concert. The average concert I go to averages about 4 people maximum. This concert, we rolled approximately 20 deep, all of us at the front. Lupe started the show with "The Instrumental", which really set me off because the night before I was analyzing the song. The energy, the love-it was all there. He really scanned his catalog from Food & Liquor to The Cool to songs he was featured on. But most artist don't do songs that really hit hard on the album when the perform, they only do singles. Lupe did songs like THE COOL! THE EFFIN' COOL?!?!?! Like when the erry beat, produced by Kanye West by the way :-), dropped, we ALL FREAKED. But the start up to Little Weapon had to be absolutely bananas. The haunting Catholic choir sounding part at the beginning of the song came on, the lights turned red and Lupe saluted. SMOOTH! Streets On Fire was also done with a serious crowd reaction.


Lupe went through some of his featured songs like Touch The Sky and Everyone Nose remix. Because of the shirt, he asked me if I knew anything else that he's been on. Knowing me, I took it back with the old school "Fire". So I sang the hook to him, "Don't ever, play with fire cuz you're gonna get buurrrnneed". Lol. Yes he was shocked, he said I've been there since "Day 0". Then he SHUSHED, yes I mean he told the crowd to quiet down for me, asked me to sing the hook again, and I did, then he asked me what the name of that song was. I said, "FIIIREE". Then he said, "Well here's FIRE PART 2!". Then the beat dropped for the new Fire that he put out like last week. I went bonkers, because that thing live is seriously a problem! Once he finished that he came back. He asked me if I knew anything else, and shit I was about to spit something like really old, but he told me something more new. But he stopped me and surprised me with "I Gotcha". That's when me and Lupe had the ultimate linkage! We stared at each other and rapped every last word on that song. We were jumping left and right, I'd jump and point to the left and he'd jump to the left, he'd jump and point to the right and I'd jump to the right, then we did it back and forth. Lol. That was it. Then he said, "Yo, I'm fuckin' with you tonight". Got off stage, walked to me and dapped me up. This is after the fact Lupe played the hot ass song ARMY GIRL! Out of all the songs he came out with, Shining Down and Fire pt. 2, Army Girl is my favorite and it's not even out and I only heard it live. So yea, he was talking to Ashlee and I told him that she was my sister. He was like "You know him?". She was like yea, but yet she could hardly functioned. She was toooo in awe. So then he zoned in on her like "Alright, I'm here-right here. Focusing right here". So then he grabbed her hand and asked her if she had her passport? Right then and there I knew where this was going. She was like yea I do, then he was like you sure? She could hardly function though. He went on and asked another girl if she had hers, but before he did he went back to Ashlee and was like "I hope you don't mind". Then he did "Paris, Tokyo". That sold her night. The night went on and me and Lupe vibed the whole night. People said it was our show dead ass. I loved it, Lupe definitely made my night and week! Can't wait to meet him again, because I know I will.




Virtue said...

don't forget he said I was Very pretty! LOL!!!!-Boo-yahhh!

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