catching up with maestro.

This is Levi's final episode for his second season. It feels like it was just yesterday when I posted my first post with his very first videosaying how motivated I was. This guy is doing a lot, my aim is to be a music video director. But to be honest, If I end up free lancing it like he's doing it-I'd be soo happy. How he gets to do the amount of stuff he does is beyond my knowledge, I just know he's ultra blessed. I've been soo concerned with a lot of stuff going on in-I just need to do what I'm supposed to do know. Everything WILL fall in place, just like Levi said at the end. I want to be in a position where I can say, "Damn, I did not see this coming", and be proud saying it. I have a clear goal, and to be honest I think I am well on my way. The people whom I've met, seen, and the links I already have. My time will be soon.

..and just like that Maestro is preppin' us for his next batch. In NY? I can only imagine the non-sense he's going to throw at us. Keep it comin' bruh!



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