[slick] is trying...

so much, but so little. time is of the essence-so let's get started shall we?

this happened well over a month ago,but you wouldn't believe the amount of busyness I've obtained within that time. but like I say, better late than never.

Mos Def & the homie Jay Electronica decided to take it to Chocolate City [D.C. for you mundane monkyes] and get it poppin on stage. like the concert head I am I was going-I took Ashlee with me as well. first concert for ever. catching Jay and Mos is a good way to jump it off. normally I'd get there early to get to the front; well that's just what I did...

...because there was no way I'd be caught in that mess not at all. to be quite honest I almost ended up all the way back there. there were two lines-one to pick up will call tickets and another to wait to get in if you already tickets. now what I did was stand in the actual line line while Ashlee got her ticket, she'd get hers them come to the spot and I'd go wait for mine. the people were taking an unbelievably long time to get will call tickets on the count of them not knowing the concert was happening until the day of. meaning that there were no order with the tickets. as soon as Ashlee get's up front, lady says the will call is at the other window-hell no. so she goes over to the next window and it's not that window either. it was the window she was previously at. so we wait longer and within those 10 minutes of Ashlee going between both windows, that picture up there started happening and I started getting nervous. so I told Ashlee to get mine as she got hers. gave her my I.D. and by the grace of GOD she was able to get both tickets. Ahh, I'm a G.

they had us wait in this spot called the Backbar as Mos did his sound check. I started to get more shook as the time with the front and I started to take tooooo long. so I waited at the FRONT of the Backbar, lol, so when it was time to rock off...

...I'd be able to rock off. if I want the front-I get the front, yall should know that.

I hate opening acts, they blow me. but this guy right here, D.C.Q. was pretty nice. he has a sincere hip-hop sound. it's funny that he was actually the opening act for Mos & Jay because he actually used the same sample for his song "Save The Children" as Mos did for "U R The One". not to keen on getting the crowd hype, he just wanted to be heard.

sis loving the front...

...the people hating the back. I think it's gutt-bustin funny when I look at these pictures after I take them.

then Jay just waltzes on stage. to those who do not know, Jay is better known as Erykah's baby father..well..one of them. he's a very sincere, and fan oriented person. ALWAYS willing to hear what a fan wants. Carl actually spoke to him on the phone one time and talked music. doesn't get better than that.

Jay has a sense of style, dead ass.

now understanding Jay, his set wouldn't be jump-jump like a poppin' concert normally is. he has not one album out, but he has a couple mixtapes and miscellaneous songs out. I have one mixtape with a GANG of songs he did. Jay is nice..VERY nice. he is a lyricist and he will demolish people in a battle. Strong words always, seeing that the crowd like his lyrics they got hype regardless is he was known or not. I was actually happy to see Jay. I've been listening to him for a long time and it would only be right to catch him with Flaco Bey who just dropped what I think the ALBUM OF THE YEAR may be.

speaking of Flaco, he decides to just walk on stage normally after Jay gets off. one thing I know about Mos is that he never has a big intro at concerts. he just walks on like it's no big deal. this time he walks and starts getting a little tribal with the drums. the bangin' and bumpin led into Supermagic which was the BEST way to start the show off. too cool for school wit that.

that guy is Preservation, one of the producers Mos has been cool with for a LONG time. the track that I know he produced off of Mos' latest is Quiet Dog.

as soon as he was done with Supermagic, the crowd went ballistic as he said "HAVE FUUUUUUNNNNN!". meaning we were about to play some "Twilight Speedball", second track right after Supermagic on the CD. it sounded crazy live.

Mos did a lot from his album. Roses, Priority, Pistola, Auditorium (which is a serious banger when in concert). then he went to do some of his old stuff, but not the normal old stuff like "Ms. Fatbooty" and what not. he did stuff like "U R The One" off of True Magic which I've had for years but never listened to. shame on a [slick].

then he went into a Michael Jackson tribute, which I felt honored to be apart of. I've been seeing and hearing about all these tributes at live shows. as much as I love live shows I wanted to see one. I wasn't a mega MJ fan but shit he made a lot of music that I love. Mos' was good though, very good. He did spin off songs that other people have did. sang Billy Jean and got the ladies in there moist. yeahh I know, lol.

the end of concerts are always depressing. but hey the show must go on. I was happy I went, and I was happy Ash came with me. time she saw the life up front lol. I'm just waiting for N.E.R.D. to come my way again. they're slowly making their way back.

I definitely wanted to meet Jay Electronica and I knew it was possible and so I did. had to capture the moment; of course my camera wanted to be on the gay side the second I really needed it. it came out well though. oh yea...

I made a video of the concert..enjoy"

on to the next..

this is sooooooooooo great. excellence, great way to promote your legacy and new album. I can't stop watching it. I feel in love with it, I feel inspired.

on to the next..

I'm watching the video for the first time now as I type. to be honest to don't need to see anything. Chris is wrong for hitting her, and is deemed down to a coward. now let's get over it please. life goes on, people are beat everyday-let's get on with life. he's going to face the consequences regardless. yall watch and see what you think. I will say that the video he released with that "apology" to Rihanna was wack.

on to the next..

I lost my virginity over the Summer, all I have to say and I'm going to say is....BIG DEAL. yes I could've waited to do it with a person more worthy of it, but I didn't. I don't regret it, but now that I see what world it puts you in, I have to be careful. I refuse to let sex slave own me like it has a lot of people. I felt that surge coming to me, but I had to nip it in the bud. the person who I did it with really....has no respect for herself which led me to have no respect for her. that's not me, bad enough I had sex with her, now I'm talking like a dog? so I had to cut it before I got out of hand. now, it's whatever. I get periods of time where..you know...yea. but I pray, ask GOD for forgiveness for sinning, and asking HIM to protect me.

on to the next..

I'm getting this

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I have some length on my head. I had a post asking what should I do with it, cut or grow, and as expected I got a lot mixed answers. I hate mixed answers lol, but it led me to this. it's been a while since I've seen myself with hair and I want to see how far I can take it. Mom says dreads, I say no.

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Drake is releasing So Far Gone on retail, there's a couple new tracks on it. one is called Fear which is supposed to lead in to his album Thank Me Later. very creative. I listened to the snippet and it sounds very nice. clickity click below


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those are Italia's toes, needed some lotion-but I gave it a blog post. much love shawdii.

on to the next...

that's class of 2013, which means school has started up again.

and that's you know who doing you know what lol...well we're going into the third week. nothing has changed to be honest. the amount of people that go here is crazy now. these freshmen came in with a storm of people. this school lacks enthusiasm-I was feeling that way as I watched this program I was recording for Morgan. funny I felt that way cuz...

...I went along with the girls to Towson to some step thing. the atmospheres are at two extremes. The greek life, the big campus, the women...Towson has it all. I can only shake my head at my school. we can have all this, we just need the right people to get it started. but a strict president and a few backwards and organized people in the SGA isn't helping anyone. ehhh what do I know, I'm just a student that goes here.

the people are no different either, but they try to beat. one thing I noticed about this campus is that every nigga wants to go home for the summer and try to be "The Man" when they get back and every girl wants to come back and be "That Bitch". you can just tell by their demeanor. but hey the usual scoffs are scoffs. I've had a great summer and it helped me build up mental for what I was going to do this semester. I'm at an either or position right now, either you're with me or not. I have family and business partners, not friends. I'm trying to obliterate the word friend from my vocab-it may tend to slip out time to time. but overall, there aren't friends. with a friend you have to worry about whether they're going to walk out on you or not; I don't have time for that. I want family, family is forever. some people who I consider family haven't been acting of that. don't get me wrong, it hurts-but I got to go. Either we're for each other or not. Just let me know what it is so we wont look stupid. I don't have time for people not speaking to me when they claim we're cool, I don't have time for subliminal messages, I don't have time for drama, I don't have time for friend hoppers. I got purpose on this campus..

which is why I moved off campus. I get a better peace of mind when I'm away from the jargon. that's the living room.



the bedroom, nice and comfy ya know.

the set up across from the bed

I bought me one of these, I'd actually be going crazy without it. welcome back to the world of gaming.

That's the closet, contrary to your popular beliefs-I need clothes. Jeans really. I've only bought myself two shirts and a jacket the WHOLE summer. no shoes nothing. yikes I need to amp up.

that's how I'm living now, it feels good waking up and sleeping in my own crib. have company over whenever I want. my own place to spunk up and keep clean. this is NOT turning into another Thurgood. please believe that. that's my whole reason of getting this crib, to get away from the extra stuff. I do however want to have as much fun as possible with this place. have some functions: movie night, karaoke, Street Fighter tournaments, family dinners and brunches, and so on. all this is possible.

especially when around a couple niggas like us. thought I was mixin by myself? naah. one thing I always tell people, when you're around us expect the unexpected. things tend to get craze. we actually live for the thrill, which is easy because we create the thrill. the crib is just the start, so you really don't want to miss out....

wait what's that in our hands?,


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Knowledge of The Union said...

possibly theeee longest blog I've read in my life. I don't know if I can begin to comment. I am kinda sad that you lost your virginity with such a person.

Let the hair grow but keep it semi-neat. Don't be looking like Jay-z on DOA or Kanye's mullet.

Over the years Morgan has died. The difference between I started and when you started is crazy, and it still gets worse every year.