Blueprint 3!

Definitely out today, well yea it's not September 11th-it is the 8th which means Raekwon is out here today too. I got my Blueprint 3 copy on Friday, yeaaaa you know me I tend to be early on things here and there. I made a bit of a hustle to get it too.

so after a few phone callls, I found out that I could cop Blueprint 3 on Friday. now this is nothing you sleep on. I've been in the house all day, already listened to Blueprint 1 and 2 on repeat might as well. so the three of us...Winslow, I, and..

..Ashlee decided to get it moving. understanding that it's Labor Day weekend, everyone I knew with a car was either at home or at work. so we took matters into our own hands.

We definitely took public transportation...

..wearing as much black as we could. You can't go cop a BP3 album and not wear black. unacceptable.

Blueprint 3: A [slick] Review

First off, let me say that Blueprint 3 is not your regular Hov. To be quite honest, if it was-I doubt I'd like it the way I do now. YES, I like...I LOVE the album. Since I love it-I'm going to do it track by track.

1. What We Talkin' About-A great...no a PERFECT way to start the album off. Especially with a name such as Blueprint 3. I want to say that this is Hov's best lyrical song on the album. He goes in on what I guess he thinks is straight business, money, success-fuck the rest. A little bragging here and there; a couple shots at a few people. I don't care what people say..lol, those were shots. The beat sounds haunting-it pounds over a continuous keyboard. The hook is what really sets it off though. I wish he would have gave me a little bit more with it though. A little louder, but it sets the content of the album. "They talk-we live, who cares what they say?". Produced by Kanye of course.

2. Thank You-My favorite track off of the album. The beat first off, produced by Kanye West, is absolutely bananas. Loud and fanfare-ish. This song is pretty much Hov paying homage to his fans saying that this music isn't his it's his fans. I will say that the lyrics aren't as intriguing. It dropped a couple of notches from track 1 to 2 which isn't all that good. Nevertheless, my favorite track.

3. Death of Autotune-Everyone's most loved and hated single. NICE single, and NICE way to let you know Blueprint 3! Definitely should NOT have been on this album though. Doesn't fit the futuristic tone. Fits the content, not the tone.

4. Run This Town-Another single that better fits the album. I like the way it meshes. The beat is absolute YE fire! The song is pretty much self explanatory. Pretty much is saying RocNation is here.

5. Empire State of Mind-This track features Alicia Keys. Definitely a track that Alicia laced on her own. I was worried about it, but now I say I wouldn't like this track with her. Her chorus is loud, soulful, and full. "Let's hear it for New York-New York-New YOOORKK!". The beat however is not produced by Kanye. Some nigga named Shux. But I FUCKS with it, it has a live sound. Jay talks about a high state of mind in New York. He's giving pretty much a run down of New York. Doesn't call for much lyrical prowess at all.

6. Real As It Gets-I'm not down for trap beats really, but this test the waters. Jeezy is on the track, and he made the track what it is. A trap beat isn't a trap beat without Jeezy. I wonder if Hov heard the beat before he wanted Jeezy on it. If so he's smart for snatching him because this sounds like something straight off of Thug Motivation 101. Produced by The Inkredibles. What I catch, it's all in the title-"I'm as real as it gets!" More bragging. I fuck with track though.

7. On to The Next-WHOOAA! To be honest I REALLY FUCK WITH THIS SONG! Not even a Kanye beat! Swizz on the track and hook. The beat is a bouncy beat that makes ya head nod like a hip-hopper in a cypher. Swizz sampled J.U.S.T.I.C.E.'s "D.A.N.C.E". and uses it very well I might say. Go Swizz. This is another bragging track, the beat sounds haunted as well with that catchy ass hook. Hov sounds like he's talking about the shit that he's ON. The stuff he's about, and you know that's a lot of money.

8. Off That-Yes I fuck with this track. Drake on the hook, Timbo on the beat. Timbo has three beats on the album and shit is his best album. Hov is bragging a bit more talking about the shit he's off. "Rims we off that, Timbs we off that!"...or..."You driving it, I drove it-You got it- Cuz I sold it-You coppin it-I bought it back, and we don't give a fi-duck because nigga we off that". Yea Hov actually get's a little bit more lyrical on this one. Drake definitely laced the hook, but I can say I'd like it even if he wasn't on it. But I don't think no one could do the hook better than him. The beat is magnificent-heavy but fast bass. Yea Timbo, thanks!

9. Everyday A Star is Born-A clapper and head nodded produced by yours truly Mr. West. It's fast paced and louder. Sounds sort of poppy, but I like it. Hov sort of pay homage to a lot of the rappers who made a spike in the history of hip-hop even himself. There's actually a feature rather than just a person on the hook, and that's my nigga J.Cole. Destined to be better than Drake lol. J.Cole is sort on his The Warm Up with his verse. Talking about his come up and thanking Hov. Very emotional of the boy from N.C..

10. Venus vs. Mars.-Slow track, but this definitely sounds like a make love-slow sex track. Hov takes it far left with this one. Venus vs. Mars-Men vs. Women. This is sort of like a love song. Hov kind of dubbed it that way with the third verse. He talks about a man and a woman who meet like each other and fall out. A concept song, he get's a bit of American Gangsterish with it. Not that serious. Produced by Timb, it's an OKAY track but he could've done without it.

11. Already Home-First off Cudi sounds magnificent with this. He sings his ass off. It made me VERY interesting with what he has in store for his album. NEXT TUESDAY FAM! Hov goes on about how people want him to do this and want him to do that-but he's already been doing that. He's been on that fresh heavy shit that they want him on. Cudi explains it all on the hook. Produced by Ye, takes it back to his Late Registration days with the violins. Very bouncy that makes your head nod.

12. Hate-I don't care what you people think, this track is FIRE! The beat is creepy, it creeps. Ye took that sample to the next level! The track is self explanatory, talking about the haters. I definitely was skeptical about this seeing as on Blueprint 2 he had "Some People Hate" which was also produced by Ye which I like BETTER than this one. But it's good. Favorite Hov line, "Why these niggas talkin lear talk Ye, why I never see them at the clear-port Ye, Why I always hear they at the airport, when I fly everyday like I'm in the airforce." Ouch goes in! Definitely get excited when this track goes on!.

13. Reminder-Probably what I think is the weakest track on the whole album. Hov reminds people what he has done which means he has no choice BUT to be cocky with this shit. You can't say "Yea, I just have ten number one albums" and expect me to take it as being modest. Regular voice or not! Beat is not that hot, the lyrics is nice and exciting. The way he raps does ride with the beat though. Timbaland went with a heavy bass with some soft ass scratchy violins.

14. So Ambitious-Produced by nigga SKATEBOARD P! I'm going to start with the beat. HEAVY BASS! Probably the heaviest bass on the whole album. Then he has those mexican sounding horns that blast away that I love soo much. Of course he's on the hook. The beat has the same drum pattern as Punch Drunk Love. Hov did have some sweat in the game when people says he couldn't do the stuff he wanted. So with hard work and ambition he made it. "I went from pauper to the president". Yup!

15. Forever Young-Last song on the album, and a great way to in the album produced by Ye. This beat sounds like it belongs on the Tron 2.0. It's nice, a light bass-and a aired out snared. Sounds like he snatched this beat out of a old computer. Everybody claims Hov is old and blah blah blah, it's funny that he made this track. I think he made it as a light subliminal retaliation to those comments. Probably explaining what he keeps his young moniker. But what does Hov has to explain? Mr. Hudson featured on the track. Big congrats to him for being on a hook.

To wrap it up, this album is for evolved ears. Listen to this album and expect to hear Blueprint 3, not Reasonable Doubt or Blueprint 1. Hov is on his grown man and has done the young man with the past 10 albums. So I think it's safe to say Jay kicked his feet up with this album. I love it great. 8.5/10.

if the Roc is in building say HELL YEA!!!,


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