I finally have the time and good internet connection to get 2010 started on here. All of a sudden I'm tired and quite frankly I DON'T feel like posting anything. But if it isn't now, I damn sure don't know when it will be. So with out further or do....hi :-)

So I did start off my year with some good music, you thought last year was wild. Sheesh, the heavy hitters are coming! I started it off with Corrine Bailey Rae's newest CD "The Sea". Man it's been a minute since she dropped something, I was proud to hear that she was coming out with something again. If you all know her husband Jason Rae passed a little while back. I guess that gave her some energy for her music in a way. She has a song on there called "I'd Do It All Again". She said she wrote the song after a super heated argument with her husband. The song says that no matter what they have been through, she loves her man-and she'd do the relationship all over again and wouldn't change a thing.....deeeeeeeeeeep. She has another song on the album called "Closer". It's the sexy Corrine Bailey Rae that you didn't see lol. I gave this CD one slight listen and it's good to the hear. It has more energy to it than her first one, so go buy it. I'm about 8 years late on the Norah Jones CD, I don't know WHAT told me to all of a sudden by her album. I always loved her song, especially "I Don't Know Why". I just bought and next thing you know-three tracks in and I felt like I've been missing out. Therapeutic.

So like I said, 2010 is full of new music that I've been WAITING FOR SOO LONG! *cough* Lupe *cough. But let's get a quick briefing on who to look forward too this year.

Now I love Game, but keep in mind that this album cover is huuuhhhhggllyyyy. I'm more focused on what's in the case though. I'm expecting an all out classic album from Game. L.A.X. isn't getting the shine I think it deserves. As of right now, Game has like a bunch of Pharrell tracks and possibly and Kanye beat. Pharrell is one of the executive producers of the album; I saw a story of someone one the forum who actually ran into Pharrell. The homie said how much he loved his work on The Clipse's new album. Pharrell said, "Just wait to you hear what I did for The Game". So yea I'm amped, we have a scheduled date of March 23rd, 2010.

I'm really feeling this project off the humble. I find it interesting that I'm actually really that interested in hearing this album. These are both artist of great integrity and humbleness. Not to long ago they dropped a song from the album called "As We Enter", which is the reason why I was hype for the album. Grab this album on April 20, 2010 and grab "As We Enter" right now.

Nas & Damien Marley-As We Enter [DOWNLOAD]

It's them boooyyyyyzzzz. Bittersweet news about these guys, they dropped Rhea a while back. She's still on Star Trak-but she won't be that 4th branch of N.E.R.D. like we all thought........OH WELL! That means I wont have to worry about the integrity of my favorite alternative rock band of all time being ruined by some chick who skated her way on to the scene. Okay, that's was pretty mean-because I did like her as an addition. I wonder what's going to happen to the other tracks they did with her, I really like them both. Anyways, their CD Instant Gratification is still scheduled for a 2010 release. No actual date has been thrown up, but yall know what time it is once it does!


Of course! Why not save the #1 person who drives me completely insane. Well! Two songs of his leaked, I'm Beaming and Army Girl. I'm not going to do any posting because I don't want to get sued for every nickel and dime that I have. Acorrding to Lupe, Lasers is DONE and is turned in to the record label. So now a release date and pretty much any type of of information regarding the album is TOTALLY out of his hands. I'm scared that we are going to be sitting in the same position for another 6 months so to say. We ain't got time for the Atlantic so get your garbo together. There are plenty of people with low quality snippet leaks of songs that are supposedly supposed to be on Lasers. I gave them a quick listen-all I'm going to say is...Lupe, you better deliver.


Christmas has been very cute to me last year.

Who would like to believe that this book costs $222 in the Morgan State bookstore, a bit wicked right? I know in my right mind that me paying $172 for the used version would be a bit smarter than trying to be brand new with life. It's in good condition too. So yea, I'm back at Morgan with that focus, I'm actually taking classes that are of interest and benefit to me so that means-at least a 3.0 or die. I'm not playing this semester, I really plan on not having a social life at all. I realized that the people that I look to the most dive their noses into their work with hardly a social life to spare. The homie even said it himself. That's why I want to build with what GOD has blessed me with now-and expand. It starts with me, as far as everyone else...who knows. I still hardly get visitors, and people are soo much more different acting than they're in person..whoa, whoa, whoa....it's 2010-to hell with their bullshit.

speaking of da bullshit...

There will be no more Maestro Knows videos or anything relating to him or his material posted on my blog. It's a long story, but I'm going to be quick. I always looked at Maestro as inspiration as well as a person of great mystery. He's a person of SELF and relies only on himself, he comes off as a homegrown head. All things to be produced naturally and genuinely, cool because I follow that, however-somethings of his doesn't add up. On Twitter he would say thing like, "I don't like the internet", "Twitter and Facebook is wack-too many people rappin' about nothing", "I don't really like Vimeo", along with all that jazz. He feels that all things of the internet lack the factor of emotion. Does he understand that if it wasn't for the internet, hundreds or probably even thousands of people (including me) wouldn't even know who he is? Plus his work is sooooo inspirational and soooooo motivating, I swear I'm not being sarcastic. Those are both two positive emotions that I FEEL WATCHING HIS VIDEOS ON THE INTERNET THAT I KNOW ARE UPLOADED VIA HIS TWITTER/FACEBOOK. It doesn't make sense that he would have such negative outputs on the internet. Plus, I LOVE Vimeo, Twitter, and I LIKE Facebook-it's the people who we involve ourselves with that makes it wack. All three have been great avenues for my work. Now I said on Twitter how I didn't like how Maestro was putting those things down and so on like that. I he decided to block me as his follower, so that kind of sent me off edge. Then he went on to say how the internet "lacks the factor of emotion", how he never disrespects so don't disrespect him,
and how he will never censor how he feels. Cool, so why the hell would he want to censor me? Someone who would have supported you (I mean I supported his work sooo much) regardless of a simple difference, and this is how you treat them? Then he goes on to call himself a minimalist, fool please. There is nothing minimal about going on Twitter (something you hate) showing off every piece of clothing you get sent to you for free. If Twitter is only for promotional usage like he said, then I should see nothing but videos from him-that's IT! In any case, I lost respect for him so you won't be seeing any of his on this blog.


There's another fly young chap flying around with a camera :-). My latest product has been out for about a week and some change now. My Trip to NY has finally been made visual. I must say-it's a GREAT piece of work from me, probably my most visually interesting. I put a lot of thought and work into it, I wanted it to chronicle the high of my video-editing skills. To be totally honest, this video is a piece of how good my videos will be. I'm ready for the next level, I want to visually captivate my immediate surroundings and show you how dope it is! I figured it's time to start establishing somethings as a video-editer now. I'm 20 years old turning 21 in a few months, it's time that I make major moves. I actually made my first move and bought the Plus Account for Vimeo. I wasn't able to upload the NY video at first because it was too large, the only way I was able to do that was to upgrade my account for a price of $60 a year. I battled with it, but if I want the success I'm dreaming of-then moves have to be made-so I made it. It feels sooooo GOOD to be honest. Nothing is better than progression, I have so much in store for this year-and with a great amount of help, I'm feeling that you guys will love it.

As for me....I'm just continuing to grow. Over this past week I've realized that I try to be perfect-and I emphasize my perfection on other people. It's out of ALL kindness I swear it, but it's a bit rushing. I do not like things rushed. I have so much to smile about-2010 really feels like it's it for me (in a good way). People may actually see me the way I want them to. I'm working on "chill pillin" more. I need to chill out, I'm a bit over-passionate about things I tend to forget the process or living life or someone else's feelings. I'm working on myself day to day-I promise you that. Expect big moves and changes with [SLICK]TALK as well as the blog and most importantly myself....

because I've just begun,


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