sex and peach snapples...

It's been a pretty long time since I've tripped over a pair of Jordans. Believe it or not, shoes are just shoes to me. Granted there will be some that I take care of with extra care but for the most part-my shoes are just my shoes and they will be worn as shoes. Never really had the urge to camp out or go the extra leg for a pair of kicks. Only pair that I can think of that I broke ass for was the red and white Jordan 10s when they dropped. The blue Puma's too since I did travel from Baltimore to Silver Spring to cop them. Then comes these right here.

I've had the concord 11s when they first dropped and I believe the black and red ones as well. I never had the Space Jams, now that I got a good look at them.....jaw dropping*. This is such a clean shoe, and the fact that it has had such success in AJ history. At first I didn't care, but I actually saw them in person like a week ago. So I'm going back to my kiddie ways and getting the tent and hot coco ready. If my Nike man doesn't come through I'll be at the local FootLocker or FootAction.

then I am reminded that my cousin recently pulled a job at FootAction,



Virtue said...

okay the shoes don't look half bad now that their on your blog..I say u go for em!

Virtue said...

Khaki's first tho!!!