Musical Plan (UPDATED)

Well there are no freakin' albums bought. This has been the longest month ever, and August will be too. A quick recap on a few things that went down since the big post:

Cudi get's pushed back: The day AFTER I did that big entry Cudi got yanked backed from August 25th to September 15th. I was slightly blown but HEY like I said, these things happen ALL the time. So that makes August one blank month which will be long and tough.

Hov drops Run This Town from BP3: I knew another Jay track was on its way. But I understood that it had Drake featured on it. I was interested, but I was bent on not listening to it. But then I was caught off guard hearing that the track is called Run This Town feat. Rihanna and Kanye, PRODUCED by Kanye. Mild heart attack, so I couldn't help myself I gave it an ear when the radio premiered it. Then one more when the CDQ hit the net. Man, that made things 10 times more harder. I was actually on the brink of listening to it again one night. I sort of forgot the melody, but it's still there sort of.....

Clipse get's pushed back: from September 29th to October 20th. Now that was a serious ass blower! I can't wait to hear from these guys again. I've been meaning to get their first THREE, yes THREE albums to hold me but I've been slacking. I guess I'll get them tonight. One thing I don't like, people never get their albums released or pushed back to the BEGINNING of the month, always has to be the end.

Yea, and of course I had to make things even more difficult by adding a couple of new jaunts to the list....fml.

Raekwon-Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II (September 9th, 2009)

WU-TANG CLAN AINT NOTHING TO F*CK WITH!!! Seriously though, I know next to nothing about OB4CL, the first one. I gave it one listen, and I'm going to give it another in honor of the sequel. But looking into the sequels tracklisting, I couldn't believe it; it's a FULL ALBUM! None of that 10-12 track garbage *cough*Kanye and Common*cough*. 24 tracks my dudes! I've always liked Raekwon though, he's a real dude as a person as well as a musician. I liked him on Game's Bulletproof Diaries on L.A.X. and then I got more attention to him when New Wu came out. This picture up there is the ACTUAL album art for the album coming out. Once I got album arts I'm going to do more updates as well as with tracklists. I got the tracklist for this album right here, but I'm going to wait until I get some more from the other albums.

Kid Sister-Ultraviolet (October 6th, 2009)

Man I love this woman. Kid Sister had me at Pro-nails, then Family Reunion, then Control, then Beeper, then Switch Board, and now with her recently released track Right Hand Hi. It's something about Kid Sister's tune and hi-tech hip hoppish sounding rave that I love. EVERYSONG she's put out I bangs with HARD. Not to mention I have the biggest crush on her. At first her album was called Dream Date and it had a release date of....A LONG TIME AGO! But luckily we have something to work with. She's going to be relevant in music when she get's some singles out. The little white girls are going to fool with it definitely. Even the older ones, but she definitely has this negroid bumping her stuff. It's too catchy to ignore. Fools with her!

So that means that we have....

Raekown-Only Built For Cuban Linx II (September 8th, 2009)
Jay-Z-Blueprint 3 (September 11th, 2009)
Kid Cudi-Man on the Moon:The End of Day (September 15th, 2009)
Wale-Attention:Deficit (September 22, 2009)
Kid Sister-Ultraviolet (October 6th, 2009)
The Clipse-Till the Casket Drops (October 20, 2009)
The Game-The R.E.D. Album (December 2009)
Lupe Fiasco-LASERS (December 2009)
Big Sean-Finally Famous (2009)
Nas & Damien Marley-Distant Relatives (2009)

Wow, and I'm scared this list is going to grow and grow and grow before Lupe drops his thing. Remember, I'm not listening to nothing until Lupe drops LASERS. Man I'm really setting myself up for that stake. SMH, this is Lupe we're talking about here----let's not get started. But this is definitely harder than I thought. I need someone to do this with me!




Knowledge of The Union said...

I'm chompin at the bit for Raekwon and Clipse! New Wu had me drooling, and I been playin old Clipse cd's lately. I got a good feeling about the jay-z joint, I think it's gonna stand up to that name.

Never heard of kid sister, I'll have to google her. As for Cudi, not excited yet, but pokerface is gettin me there

Knowledge of The Union said...

HOFD's beat is definitely vintage Wu, but the lyrics are what makes me wanna listen again. While I'm amazed that Dilla can copy the sound so well, I never much liked this particular type of Wu beat.

Hov hasn't smashed lyrically for eons. That being said, DOA has me thinking this album will be on-par with the other blueprints. Which is the best I ever hope for from him. Run This Town is meh. Wack rhymes, not feeling the beat. Definitely glad DOA came out first, otherwise I'd have no motivation to pay attention to BP3.

Saying a person is "made for the club" is NOT how you get me listen to em haha. But I'll still give her a try...