Sun Tans and Sand

This happened like two weeks ago, nevertheless it feels like I just got back yesterday. I LOVE the beach! I haven't been in ages and I finally go to go a couple weeks back with a few friends.


Tyra--she got to sit up front

and the Wife, don't need to know her name..move a long now

Yes you guessed it, I was the whip master for the weekend

SOO..one thing you have to love about the beach...

Is it's beach stores. I've forever daydreamed about them and the have not changed a bit. You could go to the beach with no type of beach items at all. These type of stores right here can fulfill your every nautical need. This particular store, Sunsations, was all over the damn V.A. Beach strip. I literally seen like 6 of these down the strip...which wasn't even that long.

From beach towels...

...to boogie boards...

...to bathing suits...

To hermit crabs, these places have EVERYTHING. I used to be highly terrified of these things when I was little. I was in a daycare and the grown-ups thought it was cute to bring these in for show-and-tell. Wasn't feeling it. The fact that a thing with claws lives in a shell shook me. Now I'm cool with them, they still kinda freak me out when I see them. Didn't know they smelled so bad.

Another thing you have to love about the beach is the free spirited people.

Everyone is chillin' on the beach. No hate at all, it's all love. It's like a big ass shindig but no one knows each other lol. I ran into a crowd that was soooo free spirited....

..that they had their wedding right in the smack center of the beach

The guy in the middle is the groom..

And there you have it, just married. Such a dope thing to have a wedding out on a beach. It's like a million peoples dream to have a wedding in paradise or something like that. Plus these guys were cool enough to let other people witness their special moment and allowed them to take pictures. Yes, I recorded lol. I felt honored too. They didn't have to allow me but they did. That's what I mean about the beach..FREE SPIRITED. Then you got the free spirited drunk ones who say "NO DON'T DO IT" or "RUN INTO THE OCEAN". One of those tid bit things that's going to try to funk the groove up....in a bad way.

Then you have the free spiriters like us

So understanding that I haven't been to the beach since Adam and Eve, I needed supplies. I definitely didn't come out of Sunsations empty handed. I had a boogie board that I used to get the absolute crazeeeee on when I was little. Definitely don't know where it is, so I got me a new one PLUS some flip flops. I got some free taffy after wards. YAY!

Had to make sure everyone got a picture with the boogie, it was a historical moment

Then it was time for me to get my boogie on, skills were rusty

Always wanted to do this, didn't come out well though :-(

Then it came time to walk it out, the V.A. Beach strop isn't touching Ocean City. It was nice enough though.

Got to love the chicken tenders, the beach has THEE best chicken tenders


Even though it's been a while since I've been to the beach, old wounds burn deep. This place here, I don't know if it was this one in V.A. or in Ocean City, is theeee worst ever. Last time me and my family wanted to get something to eat from this place. They had us waiting for over 2 hours. As we are waiting there are a numerous amount of people getting their tables that were there after us. Not surprising that all of them were white. Not to mention that there was another family getting the same treatment as us. They were black also..smh. I was young, but I remember telling myself that I will never eat at this place ever again. To this day, I still won't go to that place. After waiting me and my family went to some place. I remember crushing on the waitress. She had our food out to us within the regular time a waiter or waitress should have it to us. But I remember saying, "OMG THAT WAS SOOOOO FAST!". I was in spite of the Black Angus lol.

One thing that you must get used to when going to this beach...

..are bikes..well at least these types

They were every where, all shapes and sizes. I thought people were actually buying these bikes, but they were renting them. I'm actually going to buy me one of those bikes one day. They look fun, people were riding them in large squads like 10+...dope

Had my first slushy thing from there...I melted in my seat

OOOO I had such a fun time, I usually get depressed leaving the beach. But not this time because I know I WILL be back before the summer is up. That's a promise. So much stuff to do, I spent half of my time recording and taking pictures that I didn't boogie enough. 4th of July weekend is the plan, so stay tuned.

hang ten,


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