Catchin' up with Maestro

The homie Maestro is on a move no diggity. He's definitely going on tour now, and I definitely want to link up with the homie once he hits D.C.. He needs to greet his competition. Who knows, we may actually link up and make great product. You never know. Anyways here's a catch up on what he's been up to. The first video is the tour announcement video, the other two are video of him actually on his tour. Catch him.

I wanted to post the first two earlier but Vimeo was acting really gay, but it's all cool now. Another thing, from now on when I post Maestro's videos I'm going to keep the link under the video so you guys can go to the rest of his videos. I tend to delete the link under my videos when I post because I don't want them there. Since Maestro's videos aren't mine, I'm going to keep them there so you can peep the rest of his material. Until then....

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