Summer Festive

So if you guys really fool with me and watch my Slick Talk, you'd remember the overly poppin' cookout my family had. With all the dancing and the eating and the laughing and the loving. Yes! So it's the summer time again, and it's time to get things moving around again. This time we had a two day bonanza. That's right, two days in a row.

We're going to start off with Friday, my cousin Lauren's cocktail party. It was a 21 and up thing, but let's face it....I'm family, I got cameras, you want pictures. Of course I was in there like swim wear. Didn't drink though. Had to keep it neutral because the family wouldn't appreciate me drunk off on the floor.

So you had your drinks, which I actually snuck a LITTLE sip of. Pretty good lol.

Then you had your dance floor..

Homeboi was gettin' it! No one was seeing him, he had some footwork for us. I wish I got to know him better. Don't even know what his name is. I do know that he hasn't been in this country too long; he's the son of a family friend. Either way, I'm glad he had him some fun.

Then you have your D.J...Teck is a regular with the family

Then you have your usual scoff at the party. It was a very FLY, CLASSY, and FUN night. People really came through and turned this area out into a lounge. Bet you didn't know that the main dance floor was the living room. Yea, my family does it big.

Seth, Laurens brother

Sheff came with the heat that night, new move coming to Slick Talk soon

To the left is Lauren's momma, and to the right is family friend Mrs. Balma. They thought they was cute with the whole "matching clothes-you wear black-I wear white" thing....okay so they were cute. Get em mommas.

Chelsea and friend. Chelsea is the one the right. I'm sorry to the friend for not remembering your name! Chelsea is a friend from Lauren's school, Hampton, and I'm guessing the friend is from Hampton also. Lauren had mad Hampton friends come through.


Kia & Vikcy

The lady of the night herself, Lauren. Love my cousin.

Lauren and Mylecia

Lauren and Shai, it's pronounced "SHY" but I think it's spelled with an "ai" on the end...I THINK

Then you have the parents, the ones responsible for the funk. Got to love em

I was VERY happy with how that night turned out. A homeade cocktail could go wrong in sooo many ways. But this went perfect, people danced, had fun, no fighting or animosity, good music! That's how my family does it! DO IT LIVE!!! So then we move on to the next day.

It's always great to wake up to a cute baby. That's Illana, as you can see her Blackberry game is proper. This is Saturday, this cookout is more family oriented and for the masses. I will be TOTALLY honest with, this cookout did pop like last night or last year. But it was an all out good cookout still. People still danced and had fun. Always have the essentials...

You're food...

..the D.J. and right hand scoff partner...

...family..this was like the wee minutes into the cookout..more came

...and friends. These are all Lauren's friends from Hampton. From left to right, Shai, Brandon, Dominique, K-Mama No Drama, and Wesley. Wesley got real GQ'd for this picture. Wesley is one coooool dude though, the pose fits him. He has his head straight on where he wants to go...with his girl. Who happens to be Dominique! Cute right?

This cookout was actually a celebration for Seth graduating high school. This picture right here was our break from the partying, the family had a video montage of pictures of Seth and everyone got around to look at it. Very emotional but sweet moment.

But next thing you know, we're back at it! Whoooaaa...does it look like I gained weight in this picture?

Seth and Drew

Ray and Amber

More family friends

One time for the short shorts. By the way, Chris took those back.

That concludes that day. The third day didn't include as much people, it was family and Lauren's friends. Now one thing everyone must experience one day out of their life....

Is a breakfast by Lauren's father Gary. You saw him getting jiggy at the cookout on the Slick Talk Summer Special. The pancakes are legendary, they're off the chain. I'm getting excited just by thinking about it. Me and Carl were sleep on the couches and all I heard was pancakes. What?!?! That's enough to wake me up.

Carl was more than blessed to experience this, he'll tell you himself.

That wraps up my weekend. I definitely needed to throw this post up to catch myself up with my blogging. I'm trying not to fall behind because the pictures build up and that makes tagging them with the logo hella long. I'm on it this time.

summa summa summatime,


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