Welcome to Graduation.......

It's a day that I long awaited, I'm happy I'm there, let's get it over with. Not my graduation though. My high school had its graduation for the wild ass class of 2009. It's about time these suckas got out. It's going to be interesting as to where these people go with their lives. I still got my last few pieces of me left in that high school. I'm glad that they got out

This Stephany, my stephLUVA. Been my right handed my last two years of high school. She knows EVERYTHING, she's heard EVERYTHING, she's seen EVERYTHING. Therefore, she means EVERYTHING to me. She's one third of the reason why I keep my eyes on Springbrook. Glad to see my little lady is getting up out of high school.

Jasmine aka JL. That's my son right there. Another reason why I keep my eyes on Springbrook. I always tell her that if I have to fight a female I'm calling her. That girl is too strong man.

And of course, you got my Ashlee in the middle. I may be more happier that she's out than she is. She's coming to Morgan so she's back with her brother in the school zone. Can't wait. Shout out to the homie Francia (right), congratz ma.

as we goooooo on,


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Virtue said...

i love you big bro!
...I guess this is my dissertation
homie this shit is basic...welcome to graduation