So I went on an early morning voyage to get Mos' new album that dropped yesterday. I went to the listening and made a promise that I'm going to buy and not download. I had to, Mos Def is literally essential to hip-hop. I must say, the album is pretty damn good. It's not a Black on Both Sides, which is fine. Mos didn't want to make another Black on Both Sides, he wanted to make The Ecstatic. One thing that is not going to phase a lot of you is the production. Some things isn't that boom bap, he took to the country with some of these tracks. BUT...I will say he went on an onslaught with the first 7 songs. Some tracks like Supermagic, Twilight Speedball and old but hot single Life in the Marvelous Times shows that his flow went absolutely no where. But he has an overall rugged-country-Brazilian-reggae-tourista feel to the album. I love it. He even went on ahead and did a whole song in spanish, No Hay Hada Mas. Another one that has that feel is Workers Camp. That track is sooooo laid back and funky. But my favorite is Casa Bey, I love that song soooo much. My verdict, good album for Mos to come out with. Judging that his last two were reported flops. I actually listened to New Danger and it's not as bad as people say it is. Tru3 Magic, I guess I'll try. Go get this album hip-hop heads, REAL hip hop heads. He pulled Slick Rick out the woodwork and had a reunion track with Kweli, get real with yourselves. I went on a head and added some tracks off the album to the blog playlist, turn your speakers up. Peep the Casa Bey video live with Jimmy Fallon, greatness.

[slick]'s favorites

Twilight Speedball

Casa Bey



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