So last Thursday, Ashlee had her birthday and of course yours truly wanted to take it to the top as far as possible. SO! Why not throw her a classic surprise birthday party. I mean it's only right. The day was far from calm, went all over the place searching for cake mix, streamers, the perfect card, and food. Did end up finding the cake mix. STRAWBERRY CAKE MIX, what a weirdo.

The girls outcasted me into making the cake BY MYSELF, :-(. No help at all.

They even made me take a pic of me spatulating the cake...by myself


The girl you see helping out with the streamers is Thais, Carl's bestfriend/sister/equivalent to my Ashlee. She was a guest at the crib for a couple days. She was also a serious help to how the party came out. Disregard the fact that we just met two days ago. She was just down for the cause. I'm too grateful for her help.

More people, more help

More people arrived which meant it was time to get it poppin'

Me being the creative junky I am, I decided to get a big ol board and make a Happy Birthday Ashlee card for everyone to sign. Eeeeeeesh, I think that was my favorite part of the whole she bang.

I told you...

...Thais stepped out the pocket for a brother!

...and BLAM, like that she was surprised. Now yea I should've made it so I took a surprise pic to show how surprised she was. Better luck next time, but hey--she was surprised. You can actually see the affect once I make her video. Yea, I'm still on it.

Yea you know...lol

So when it's all said and done, everyone was going to go clubbing after. I decided to keep it chill. Everyone knows the club isn't my scene. Either way, it was success-she didn't know and she was surprised. YAY! Love ya sis.

cake came out great by the way,


P.S.-I coulda sworn Liz and I took a pic together..hmmm.

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