march music......

Normally there's March Madness flying around the internet and T.V. (shout out to Morgan State for playing an EXCELLENT game against with a nice delivered ass whooping against NC A&T), be known that March is going to be LOADED with new music.

I can't begin to even fathom the intensity of this album. Though "New Amerykah: Return of the Ankh Pt.1" was highly different than any Erykah sound I know, I understood her aim. It was politically driven, this album here however is more of a return to her roots....or the right side of her brain as she would like to say it. Her song "Window Seat" that dropped a few weeks back is a ode to the fact that she hasn't lost her funk. I for one, LOVE the song; the lyrics hit home pretty hard. With production from 9th Wonder as well as help from ?uestlove and the late great J-Dilla, this is sure to be an excellent album. Be sure to cop yours on March 30th, 2010.

Since we through 9th Wonder up in the air, he has been in the studio with California's own Murs. When I talk about producer/rapper chemistry, these two got it. It's sooooo hidden to the naked eye, but the sound these two make is literally genuine and original. I listen to ALL of Murs' album's, and I have not bought one ACCEPT "Murs For President", which was iight to me. "Fornever" is another fully produced album from 9th Wonder. They recently put up a track called "3:16 Pt.2" which is pretty lethal. It's bananas, and it says a lot because a lot of people really argue that "3:16" the album is actually his best album. The song is a dead cut from the album so it wont be on "Fornever", however the single The Problem Is dropped earlier in the week, this track could stay. You can pick this up also on March 30th, 2010.

Here's another Cali representative, we've seen Game on plenty of posts on here, and here he is again. He's known for push backs though. I'm just looking for delivery through all this delay, as well as that speculated Kanye beat. The homie is good for a good Kanye collabo. Plus Pharrell is an executive producer with mad beats on the album, get prepared for Jayceon on March 23rd, 2010.

ANOTHER Californicator is down to drop some work is swag extraordinaire Dom Kennedy. I think he's one of those dudes who's simply crazy to NOT feel. His flow is seriously on some grown man business. He makes the best summer time music, and I pray that his next project "From Westside With Love" is going to fit the Summer just right. I get chills listening to FutureStreet/DrugSounds, it takes me back to riding down Georgia Ave with the windows down. Yes. There's no set release date for this project, though I could HAVE SWORN I heard or saw March 6, 2010 somewhere. I could be trippin' as well. Well, keep your eyes open for his last FREE project due in March.

L.A. is seriously birthing some great artist this month, all I see is L.A. this L.A. on my Twitter timeline. This entry actually opened my eyes, these niggas wasn't lying. My boy TiRon is down to drop his mixtape "Mustard" which is the follow up to last years "Ketchup". TiRon LOVES what he does, and I can definitely hear it in his music. His song "For Your Smile" has been doing EXTREMELY well on the net and with my ears. He also is a creator of feel good music, and I have an EXTREME feeling that this mixtape will be an extreme tune for the summer. TiRon chose to be difficult and decided to not have a release date for this, he decided to just through up unexpectedly. So keep your eyes open for TiRon in March.

Boy I'm excited, the weather is due to get warm and all this feel good music is bound to make this the best Summer ever. I will have links to all the mixtapes that Dom and TiRon will be dropping. Come to think of it, I think Murs & 9th Wonder's "Fornever" will be a free album. If so that will be up here too. Keep it locked!

okay G.O.O.D music has arrived


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