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So 2009 is coming to a close so I guess it's time to wrap up this years musical drops I mentioned back in July. But before I get into it who dropped, let's get into who renigged and DIDN'T drop.

Don't even really want to get into this guy. He's good and I like his stuff, but he is the biggest bluffing artist I know. Back in Spring he said Summer, back in Summer he said Fall. He does this with regular songs and videos as well. The "Getcha Some" video? Everyone knew the song back in '07, it came out early 2009. Yes, he has been talking about the video for two years giving out all types of false dates. It got so out of hand I had to unfollow him on Twitter. All that promotion telling people to go to his shows or vote for him for whatever, then talk a bunch of trash about dropping music, and then no material after all that? Nevertheless, I like his music and I will buy his album WHENEVER it drops. He just needs to hurry up because if Drake and J.Cole drop before him, he doesn't stand a chance. Wale is one crossed off the list, tick-tock. Big Sean-Finally Famous, Release: Who Knows?

Who knows what these two are up to. I was actually VERY excited about this dropping this year, especially after hearing that snippet from the album. However, I do feel as if that they should drop on their own time. Their projected drop date was 2009, and this year had A LOT of freshmen buzz. These two aren't freshmen. After seeing the emotion put into this project, this may really need to take time. So I'm patient. Nas & Damien Marley-Distant Relatives, Release: March 16, 2010.

I was upset with this one. L.A.X. was SUCH a good album, I could only imagine how his next album is going to sound. I don't care what no one says, I REALLY fools with The Game. He's true to self, sometimes his mouth runs a bit off and he knows it. But hey that's him, just keep making good music. Some new info about the album, it's getting executively produced by Dr. Dre (duh) and Pharrell (WHOA). Hearing Pharrell give the westside some more love is awesome, and out of all people The Game? Pharrell fits anywhere, that's my dude. Jayceon got so cool with The Neptunes, he got the Star Trak Symbol tatted on his arm. No comment. I hope good music is to follow. The Game-The R.E.D. Album, Release: February 16, 2010.

Who's surprised?! Who?!?! Come so I can slap thee. Be known, Lupe is known for push-backs and false dates. He's under wraps with pretty much ALL of his music. I was actually getting excited as December came close, but NOPE! Of course he had to pull the rug from under my feet, when I wasn't looking. Oh well. It's Lupe though, TAKE YOUR TIME BROTHER! Just know, I REALLY NEED YOUR ALBUM. LIKE RIGHT NOW, AND IF SOME HIGHER POWER BROUGHT YOUR ATTENTION TO THIS HERE BLOG, WITH THIS HERE ENTRY, WITH THIS HERE PARAGRAPH, WITH THIS HERE LINE---CAN YOU PLEEAAASEEEE DROP ARMY GIRL! That song is very needed right now. However Lasers is going to be an epic album, an album of refuge, I can feel it. For facts, Lasers is not dropping in 2009, it doesn't have a release date, and it isn't his last album. Just bring it on. Lupe Fiasco-Lasers, Release:Who Knows?

Now for those who stuck to the script. I'm not going to do a track by track analysis of these albums. As far as Trey Songz goes, he has a good album. Not what I wanted tough, not the approach I thought he was going to give. It was like foreplay but not all the way. After dropping the Anticipation mixtape, you have to be about it. To be honest, the first two tracks "Panty Droppa" and "Neighbors Know My Name" are ABOUT IT. "Invented Sex" sort of lost it, the lyrics yeah, the sound isn't engaging though. Kudos to him, I'm going to bump it on the way home tomorrow. Raekwon's album is a true sequel to anything. I can't really understand or go along with the sound like I know it. I wasn't really up on "Only Built For Cuban Linx Pt.1", sheesh I really wasn't at all. I like it though, real gritty. I get the feeling that he accomplished what he wanted to do with the album. Accept for the Nas feature. Every Dilla beat on the album is a banger though. Kid Cudi came through VERY well. I really like his album, like a WHOLE lot. It's like you're swimming in his brain. Going along with popular belief, this album is very dark. Cudi has been through a lot, here is what he has to say. It's very "sing-alongable" as well. On to my favorites.

WAY TO PUT ON D.C. WALE! I'm sooooo proud of the boy. He really turned up his lyrics and his sound with this album. Of course you got the original Best Kept Secret beats with the cow bell and heavy bass, like "Mama Told Me" and "Pretty Girls." Then you have the unusuals like "Beautiful Bliss" (which is a track that I am highly mad at, Wale pretty much GAVE that track to J.Cole.) and "Shades" which I thought this whole time was produced by 9th Wonder. However, it wasn't and I've been living a lie since the release till 5 minutes ago. That's my favorite track on the album. "Let It Loose" (produced by Pharrell) really grew on me, good hook of course. I definitely got a BP3 vibe from it, the template. Opening up "Triumph" reminds me of "What We Talkin' Bout". His album is a cater to the ones who feel as they are alone. It's positivity. Go COP!

Yes, think what you want-but this album goes. This is the party album of the year. I loved Kid Sister since the drop of Pro-Nails. That's actually when I was anticipating her album. She moved a few weeks after her November release date putting it in October. It opens with "Right Hand Hi" which gets me on my feet. Other favorites are "Let Me Bang 2009", mellow but fast as well as "Switchboard". Most of my favorite songs on here are songs that I've been hearing for ever like "Switch Board", "Get Fresh", and "Control". However, she turned it up with those songs because the WHOLE album is linked. All the songs lead in to each other making the impact of the song dropping more spastic. Go COP!

This was a juggled cop, I didn't know if I was going to be getting it or not. If I didn't see it in stores then I probably would be copping it very much later. A friend of mine introduced me to a new music store out here in Baltimore, and this is where I found it. Nicolay's "City Lights Vol.2:Shibuya" is my number 2 most favorite album of 2009. It goes along wit the Nujabes sound. This album was inspired by night life in Tokyo, reading that led me to believe that I was going to like it. I mean, I do want to go to Tokyo very badly. It's a album I drive too 8 times out of 10. This has been the most rotated CD in 2009 as well. "Loose Your Way" was the songs that had me hooked; it's on the playlist as well. It's total instrumental with city sounds and "train-trance-busy" music. Definitely Go COP!

This is my FAVORITE ALBUM of 2009! I was soooo surprised with this turn out, I mean-"Lord Willin'" was the juice as well as "Hell Hath No Fury". On the real, "HHNF" didn't entice me as much. The guys said "LW" is a happy time while "HHNF" was a dark time. "Till The Casket Drops" is that happy time again like "LW" was and I LOVE "LW", so yea. However, The Neptunes took it too the next level with the production. They DO NOT sound as quirky as they used to like "Mama I'm So Sorry" or "When's The Last Time". They sounded a bit more gutta than anything, and I was feeling it. Tracks like "Showin' Out" and "Doorman" shows where they went. The coke flow is no where. They took it to the left with the opening track "Freedom" produced by Sean C & LV, which is an absolutely powerful song. DJ Khalil came in with the already known "Kinda Like A Big Deal" and one of my favorites "Footsteps". DJ Khalil makes good beats, hands down, GREAT beats. My favorite songs off this album "Counseling" and "Life Change" both produced by The Neptunes. These songs are really helping me get through the times now. Please Go COP!

These two are catch up albums from back in the day. It was about time I picked up "...In Search Of", now I finally have all three of their albums purchased. Fall Out Boy's "From Under The Cork Tree" is not their best album in my opinion, I don't know why poeple say that. It's good though. "Our Lawyer Mae Us Change The Name Of This Song So We Wouldn't Get Sued" is my favorite song.

I love music, and I must say-2009 has been a great year for music. Lupe Fiasco did get pushed back, however he was able to bless us with "Enemy Of The State: A Love Story" Mixtape and will bless us again on Christmas with the "Friend Of The People" Mixtape. I have a few favorite tracks of 2009 that dropped alone as well. Here they are in order.

Lupe Fiasco-Fire Pt.1



Yea man, these songs stuck to me like glue. All three are on the playlist. I hope for the ones that don't find the joy in buying music is motivated by this entry. It's a thrill that everyone deserves as well as support to the artist. They do deserve it as well



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