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For the past couple of years I've ruined the first feeling I get when I buy an album. Why? Because I listen to leaks and singles and fuck it all up. I remember back in the day when I first bought Late Registration and I was blown away, what a magical feeling. Same thing with Food & Liquor, especially with BE. Now I ruined things like Seeing Sounds, because I listened to the freaking sampler 100 times. The Cool got ruined maliciously. I wish I never listened to The Coolest until I got the album. I remember I saw the song drop during the day and vowed that I'll never listen to it. Got drunk and later that night I played the ass out of it. Woke up wondering how it got on my computer desktop lol. I screwed Universal Mind Control, well not really. But Punch Drunk Love was a problem, ask Lesley. Graduation got assed with leaks and unable to control myself from listening. 808's & Heartbreaks. I was doing SOOOO well until the DAY BEFORE it dropped. Ye' wanted to be a freaking genius and post the whole album on his Myspace for stream...asshole. So yea ruined that first feeling too..

...with that said, I WANT THE FEELING BACK! I want to be excited, I want to freak out over a hot beat. Ya'll should've seen me when I FIRST heard D.O.A., man I was goosin'. So as you know, there are a bunch of people coming out with music. For example.

Wale-Attention:Deficit (September 22, 2009)

Mr. Folarin, D.C.'s own, is dropping his debut album and I'm hype. I don't know if it's the lyrics or the production. BKS always has some heavy hitting stuff. On top of that, he has Q-Tip and Marsha Ambrosious on a song called World Tour, let a lone the fact that he has Q-Tip on a song called World Tour. That's deep, I'm anxiously waiting for him to put D.C. on the map. I honestly think this may be the biggest album of 09 when it drops....or not.

Kid Cudi-Man on the Moon:The End of Day (August 25-2009)

"Day and Night, eh eh....." lol, Cudi already has a great fanbase off of Day and Night. He has two mixtapes out which aren't half that bad. I'm going to see him on the 4th of August, so he should be playing new music. I'm still kind of reluctant, but it seems like he's starting a movement that I want to be apart of. Either way, he'll sell....or not.

Jay-Z-Blueprint 3 (September 11th, 2009)

Well what do you know, another album from poppa Hovito. Look man, call him old and ran out. Hov is sort of what we need right now. People are hopping on autotune's balls and slutting them. Not even that, people are just being regular humans. If no one is going to tell them to get their head straight, someone has to do it, i.e. Death of Autotune. The creativity just seems to be lost with some of these people. You need someone to say what he has to say the smoothest way possible. That's Jay. I am more than amped for BP3. He built a brand off of the name Blueprint like Michael Jackson built a brand off of sequence gloves, high waters, white socks, black loafer,...and a funny looking nose (sorry MJ worshipers, but you know it's true!). It's good to see it come with a trilogy to seal the deal. Produced by Kanye west, this CD is bound to have bangers. I want to hear production more over lyricism, I already know where Hov stands with lyrics so it shouldn't be a problem....or not (ninja's I rebuke you).

Big Sean-Finally Famous (2009)

One thing before I continue, some dates I don't know sooo yea. But any who, my mans Big Seanathan, lol, is dropping sometime this year. I don't know when, I don't even know if it would be this year quite honestly. I thought we would have something by now. But Sean is definitely working on his album has some finished tracks already, heard three; that's enough! I want to see how hard he's going to come with it his first time. Honestly I hear him rap about the same thing, being finally famous and fresh and achieving dreams; which is cool. But I'm hoping he switches it up, give us something else. Talk about hoes, drugs, guns, and pimpin all da bitches...sike sike sike. But I'm hoping he switches up the content. Don't want to get bored with an album that sounds like his last two mixtapes...im just saying...Big Sean will do well though...or not.

Nas & Damien Marley-Distant Relatives (2009)

Mr. Jr. Gong and Esco is actually coming up with something to make heads turn. I'm really feeling this collaboration. Very classic if you ask me. I'm imagining the sound to be very rebellious and old school, but with a twist. They came out with a track snippet not too long ago that sounded just like I imagined it. I love it, but I'm fuckin' up already listening to it too much. At least it was just a snippet. No more I promise. Anyways this is a project that I'm really looking forward to, they're bringing back the essence of a classic joint album. Cuz now-a-days everyone wants to collab. I remember hearing some shit about Nelly, Akon, and Pharrell, hell no-it sounds disgusting. Collabs I approve of that are genuine, this Distant Relatives (Nas & Damien Marley), T-Wayne (Lil Wayne & T-Pain), and the need-to-be-sherlock-holme'd CRS (Kanye, Lupe, Pharrell). I know there were tons more, but none of them were something I'd be happy to hear. Like there has to be serious chemistry to make music together, these two got it. Nas and Damien really have the power to make a landmark with this album.....or not.

The Game-The R.E.D. Album (2009)

Believe it or not folks, I really fuck with with The Game. Especially after L.A.X. which is an excellent album. It's something about his lyrics, work ethic, and choice of beats that keeps me listening to him. I was kind of mad to hear L.A.X. would be his last album, but hey who doesn't want to say that in this day. Luckily we got new stuff coming. I actually watched an in studio session with The Game and the 1500 or Nothin'. Nice song from what I heard, I'm guessing it's called White Girl Porn with the frequent reference to...White Girl Porn. Check it hear HERE. I saw some more footage of some R.E.D. material in the studio, don't remember what it sounds like (a good thing) but I liked it. Game has been trippin' though, I guess him dissin Hov, Beyonce, and Amber Rose may give him some attention for his album coming up. Hopefully R.E.D. will prove his point that he can do shit like that......or not.

The Clipse-Til The Cakset Drops (September 29th 2009)

Are favorite dope boys! You got to love these niggas, they kept real with themselves and have never changed their mode or process for anyone. They're sooo original with their material. I never used to be really keen on these two, but over the past year I grew such an amount of respect from them. Watch all of their videos and see their evolution, they're always together doing everything together like a real group is supposed to do..or duo. The dropped 3 tracks that have done exceptionally well to my ears. Kinda Like a Big Deal is seriously a problem, and I'm Good which I love to death! I can't get enough of that track. The other one was with Keri Hilson but I forgot what it sounded like. These two are definitely putting their vocals over more beats than just Pharrell's but I think they'll do just fine....or not.

Lupe Fiasco-Lasers (December 2009)

"Well well, is it our little author....." Yes it is, my #1 on my list right now (unless Common does something again to knock him off). Lupe, Wasalu, Correra Lu, what can I say about this. How about PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK, PUSH BACK!!! Sike I don't know. This guy is too sus for my nature. He hides everywhere, talks in codes, says on thing but the exact other happens. One thing you can't do is trust his word. If he says 2 weeks, try 2 months. So since he said December, let's try June. Sorry Lu, I'm just saying. He went from LupE.N.D. to canceling LupE.N.D. and changing the name to The Great American Rap Album, to scratching that and coming up with Lasers. Now tell me we aren't in for a ride with this nigga. But in any case this is going to be a monumental album I can feel it. With the recent leak of Shining Down (which isn't even a single on his album) and the recent bitching of Lu (because of the leak), I can tell Lupe is putting some serious heart into this project. He just needs to keep his studio staff tight, because I'm not down for this album to get pushed back. Waiting on this guy is the burns, but he has the talent to always keep me interested. He's the man, what can I say? To be honest, Shining Down didn't kill me like the The Coolest did, or even Kick Push. Well partly because I ruined it with my uneasy ears to live versions and stuff. But it's growing on me. Lupe needs to change the game with this...or not.

So there you have it, all the albums that I'm waiting on. Here's the catch, I'm not listening to none of them until Lupe drops Lasers. I'm assuming none of these are dropping before Lasers so that's why I set him as the end all. I'm going to buy them, but they're going to sit and wait. If Lupe get's pushed back....shit...I don't know. It depends how far he pushes back IF it happens. But he has like 5 months to get stuff done, that's a good amount time to have a finished album. Other speculated albums that I'm interested in are Common with The Believer, Kanye is talkin' trash about new stuff, and N.E.R.D. is supposed to be re-releasing Seeing Sounds or putting out a new album. Either way I don't see NONE of those coming out in 09'. As for all these other albums, I'm more than certain that these albums will get some type of push backs of change ups. Bleh, I'll keep you posted, see yall in December.

oooo I'm excited :-),


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KMeta said...

nice write up my dude, there is def good music comin out this year, that nas & damian marley one looks too good to be true