fairy tales....

For the past 3-5 days I haven't been a very tossed and turned sleeper, or a person trying to sleep. It bothered me though because it just decided to happen all of a sudden. Like, "Yea-you can sleep well tonight, but tomorrow NOPE! Not till 7 o'clock." I was wondering what it was that kept my ass up. Well of course there's a lot on my mind, but what's different is that I'm excited. It' excitement which was keeping me up.

Oddly, it was this video that led me to the revelation. This video is the LIFE. Like you have you and your crew straight maxin in the nice weather, screw the bowlsheeyat. Like it's so perfect that it's a fairytale. Now, I've always believed in fairy tales and it can happen if you work hard for them-no matter what the situation is. However, I did realize that the time for fairy tales aren't ALWAYS. But why not work for it? Why not want it? I get so irritated to see people not passionate about anything positive. Like come on now, our generation is seriously the dopest generation to EVER walk Earth. I believe that we are arguably the smartest people on the planet now. The thing is we aren't taking advantage of the opportunity, however we are taking advantage of other people. I just don't get the cheat, the backstabbing, the unkind, the lying-it makes me sick that people can literally sit and indulge themselves to do stuff like that to good people. Like do you see that video? Come on man, that type of stuff is GOLD to me. Be passionate about things positive, be passionate with someone else who is passionate-even if it isn't on the same level; you'll learn something good-guarnateed! I love it when people choose to ride with me, I'm going to nice places man and I'm so sincere with it. If you don't know, I'll take you-I'll help you find out, I have passion for all of the people who surround me. Trust me, I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN!

I've been listening to Dom off of curiosity since last summer and I'm soo stoked that I've gotten on the train with the homie. He's dope, he's chill, he's real as shit. He has a mixtape dropping on the 6th I think, so be sure to check it out here when it drops. He's another one of them niggas I hear and I be like, why am I NOT listening to his mixtape right now. I have a big move to make this weekend that can be life altering. I was nervous as hell and I still kind of am. However seeing these videos encouraged me to do my thing, to take the ones I care for with me, and to have fun.

who rollin wit me,


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