i am he...

I can never really distinguish the difference between the two when asked. I even try to think of the difference myself, to no avail-I can't put it into words. With lessons learned, I've found out that transparency doesn't work, so this is like my obituary to me being transparent. I got the idea from Booogie to just simply lay out he me and I would do. Boogie said if you know Boogie you may not know Avante, how ever-if you know Avante, you definitely Boooogie. In my situation, I you may no one and not know the other at all. Sheesh, even I don't. We aren't sitting here picking out who we are going to be, even if we did it wouldn't be a problem. Either way, check these out and throw them in a blender-and there I stand.

Joshua is rather calm.
[SLICK] is rather hype.
Joshua likes to stay in and have fun,
rather than go out and have fun.
[SLICK] likes to do both.
Joshua wants to be able to count his friends on one hand..and a half.
[SLICK] wants to have a unit.
Joshua is scared of liars/backstabbers/.etc
[SLICK] hates liars/backstabbers/.etc

Joshua wants to not to be lazy
[SLICK] can't understand why he is.
Joshua feels as if he can't dress well
[SLICK] wants to dress better
Joshua isn't phased by money
[SLICK] is always down to make some dollars
Joshua wants to save money
[SLICK] has to give his debit card to someone else to be safe

Joshua tries
[SLICK] fights.
Joshua wants to prove he's worth the pain
[SLICK] would tell you...even though he hates saying it
Joshua cares too much
[SLICK] is overly to passionate
Joshua is romantic
[SLICK] is nasty
Joshua feels that sex really isn't needed in a relationship
[SLICK] feels that it should be controlled and done wisely
Joshua is a one woman type of man
[SLICK] understands that
Joshua wishes all his ex's well
[SLICK] really doesn't care what they do

Joshua doesn't want to drink any alcohol at all
[SLICK] is doing his best to refrain from it
Joshua doesn't smoke at all
[SLICK] thinks weed smells good
Joshua doesn't like the club scene
[SLICK] would do a couple of lounges
Joshua doesn't mind social networks
[SLICK] thinks the people who he involves
himself with on there make it suck

Joshua wants to be more humble and kind than he's been
[SLICK] doesn't know how he's going to pull that
Joshua wants a Pharrell mentality
[SLICK] however is stuck with Kanye's...on the low
Joshua loves to text all day every day
[SLICK] stares at his phone
Joshua wants to help you learn
[SLICK] hates when people don't let him.
Joshua wears Jordans with the same type of outfit everyday
[SLICK] wants to dress spontaneously

On the real...Joshua gets a bit jealous
[SLICK] can't stand that he's like that
Joshua isn't fond of loud AND OBNOXIOUS
[SLICK] is a megaphone
Joshua understands that getting everyone together isn't easy
[SLICK] believes that he will be the one to make it happen
Joshua doesn't mind doing homework
[SLICK] doesn't either, he just hates studying
Joshua wants to be a music video/movie director, producer, etc.
[SLICK] wants to be the best

Joshua hates that his mother and him don't get each other
[SLICK] gives up trying
Joshua loves family
[SLICK] is mad that his family lost it
Joshua believes that fairy tales do exist
[SLICK] looses himself trying to make one
Joshua thinks Lupe Fiasco is the greatest rapper ever
[SLICK] ran a whole concert with him
Joshua wants to work on being patient
[SLICK] is going to brainstorm as to how he'll do that
Joshua has and will sacrifice relentlessly
[SLICK] looks for the same appreciation.

Joshua is one of a kind
There's no kind like [SLICK]

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Boooogie. said...

lls good look on the shoutout fam... and that last video you did was siiiiick!