jaguar skillz..hoooooooo!

This song is adeen old but it is seriously that SWAANG!! The lyrical ownage on this track is seriously INSANE! I remember sitting in high school in '07 doing that suuuper slow but suuuper hard head bob to this song. This is the type of song that needs to be on my blog, the type of song that I seriously jam to no matter when or where I hear it. It was supposed to be on GemStone's (formerly Gemini) album "Troubles of the World" which NEVER came out, smh. Now the fact that the homie isn't on FNF anymore, who knows how his mojo holds out now. I'm actually kind of mad Lupe isn't riding with him anymore. I honestly thought Gemini in due time would be the only on in my opinion that could muscle Lupe. Listen to "The Die", you'll see what I mean. He quit rap for a while and went gospel, but now he's back slangin' lyrics. I wonder how that will all work out. However, he CANNOT deny the capacity of this song. If I catch this at a concert I'm jumping out of my skin.

throw the keys up in the motor, keep it movin cross the border


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