three things I can't live without....

...no literally. My sleep pattern is a fooled up if Scooby or the BatPillow (<---whoa, that's really a word) isn't in the bed with me. I subconsciously grew an attachment to these over the let's say 7 years. I got Scooby as a Valentines Day gift in 8th grade from my BFF at the time. She doesn't know that I know that it was used and it was supposed to be able to talk, but I love all her all the same. The BatPillow was given to me from my friend Linh at Six Flags WAAAY back in the day. She was like, "Hey, Josh you want it?", and I'm like, "Hey Linh, sure I do". Been sleeping with it ever since. The kid in me will never die.

i'm starting to feel naked when I take the watch off too,


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