tune tuesday....

It's been a while since I dropped some tune related material on here. Well on the real, it's a serious music drought going on here. Nahright hasn't posted anything interesting in a while, until today.

J.Cole, as I now understand, isn't a fiend to have a gang of music out now. He's real careful with his selections and what not, which is what I'm really starting to understand. Had to learn it the hard way with the birthday boy. If it wasn't known, J.Cole is my FAVORITE new artist right now. No Drake, nor a Big Sean, or anyone else. Don't get me wrong I like all of them, but J.Cole is the best freshman right now. A long with the other guy I just added to my ranks. I really need to get into his mixtapes more than I have. Feels like I'm missing out on a BUNCH of stuff. Like every time I hear a track from either one I'm like, "Why am I not listening to this mixtape right now". Well anyways, after a couple months without a new tune, Cole liberates a new freestyle over some good Kanye production. That's one thing I love about this guy, always pulling out some Ye tunes to flow over. I hope this says A LOT about his album. Anyways, grab J.Cole's new freestyle "Knock On Wood"....no pun intended.

J.Cole-Knock On Wood[DOWNLOAD]

My other guy that I added to my ranks, TiRon, also leaked something new off of his upcoming mixtape Mustard. This actually wasn't on Nahright, the homie leaked it himself on Twitter. One thing that blows my mind with the homie is that almost everything he's been putting out or have already put out is in such relation to me. Which is one of the main reasons why I fool with the homie, that on top of the fact that he's dope with the word play. Clothes, money, girls, etc, it seems like we lived a very parallel life pattern. He comes out with a very smooth tune called "For Your Smile". Be sure to check his boy Ayomari's mixtape, The PB & J Solution which is also very hot.

TiRon-For Your Smile[DOWNLOAD]

You've probably noticed by now that I got the *Boom Boom Room* on and poppin'. It's a bunch of new tunes in there, but it's still being constructed. I'm already sick of hearing some of the songs that are in there. Still, it's cool to wake up to it every morning.



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