late pass....

I'm about a four months late with this video, but I am IN LOVE with the concept as well as the song. This is song is literally the story of my life. If anyone is going through the same plight as I am, this song is for us lol. This is TiRon (pronounced Tuh-Ron), hailing from L.A.. His wordplay is on point and downright funny. This song, Throwing My Money, led me to his mixtape Ketchup (which I am about a year late with) which is downright FUN. He's added to my "Avid Ears" list as well as the blog playlist. Enough about the song, more about the video. This video is EXCELLENT, the quality as well as the concept is outrageous. It's a blatant concept linking to the song, but the clarity as well as the freshness just adds such dopeness to it. The neon dollar sign is my favorite part of the video.

"i'm living for the moment so fuck it",


p.s.-my blog playlist is under construction now. I'm going to make a new one with new music, some tracks off the old one will be on the new one. Expect the new one to be a bit more calm, but still that feel good.

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