I can't find any means of keeping the energy going, so thank GOD for this blog. You know that I never know how to start blog entries, so I'll start it off with this:

This isn't about to be an entry boasting about N*E*R*D*, disregard the title as well. Although I hope you watched the video. Isn't it wicked? It's regular, but it matches the song. I get this extra feeling though due to my past experience with the guys. However, you feel the energy though right?

I just got back in the house from a minor setback, which shifted my energy. Not in a negative way necessarily, but in a way where I had to think things over; and GOD-willing try again tomorrow. When you're blessed with a certain talent or gift, I believe you use that talent or gift the best way possible until the day you die. Whether it be throwing a football, playing a video games, being a lover, singing-it all creates energy. That explains certain videos I've made. The urge for me to keep creating has out of no where shot sky high.

I take at least my snapshot camera with me wherever I go, I don't want to miss the moment. If I sitting down waiting for class to start, I randomly take pictures. My mind can't sit still, my craft wants to move, my passion wants to be felt. It's like my body is subconsciously preventing my energy from being still. I do believe and finally understand, "...when you stop, you die". It makes perfect since. All of you Wayne heads should know, that boy is ALWAYS recording...ALWAYS. It's his passion and what he loves to do, therefore he exerts it to his full potential. Which is basically half of the reason he is as successful as he is. I'm finally understanding the work ethic of being passionate and willing.

I love to make videos, I was on my way to do some recording tonight. Due to time management, I have to wait until tomorrow. That little set back had me set off to the left a little, because I wanted to keep my energy, my passion, going. So, I thought of ways I can be felt. Believe me, all of this-the blog-the pictures-the videos-the weird shit I say on Twitter, I WANT TO BE FELT AND UNDERSTOOD. I sometimes raise an eyebrow at myself, words like these sometimes may be looked at as, "Damn, Josh always has to speak on something weird". It's whatever though. So seeing as I can't record, I blog, if I couldn't blog I'd take pictures, if I couldn't take pictures, I would research ways to better my blog, pictures, and recording. I'm thankful though to have the Juhstys ready at all times. I don't want it to die. So think of everything, EVERYTHING that you have a passion for, that you commit to, that you want to be felt with. Give it energy and never stop, believe me-you can create timeless vibes and motivation for other people. Look at Michael Jackson's music, rest his soul, he spent days and nights genuinely giving his talent great energy. Now his music will live on forever, no questions asked. It's life, never stop and keep on going; because in the end...

...no one ever really dies


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