Common X N.E.R.D. & Lupe Concert

For those of you who follow my life, you would know that this entry is like the latest thing ever. But I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!

Let me first start off by saying that after the Common X N.E.R.D. concert, my life became better than yours and sheer minutes. Yea, I said it and I meant it. So I'm going to take it from the top. Me and Winzlow buy tickets to the concert, me and Winzlow are hype about the concert. Me and Winzlow rub it in everyone's face. Me and Winzlow go to building 1520 and rub it in Lesley's face. Lesley is kind of upset and doubts the fact that she really wants to go the concert because she isn't. Me and Winzlow buy Lesley a ticket for the concert. Now Me, Winzlow, and Lesley are going to the concert and we rub it in everyone's face. CONCERT DAY is here and we are hype. We get Selom to take us down there, and as we go down there Lesley wants a shirt and needs batteries that I forgot. Luckily there was a Best Buy and a Filene's Basement, so we pick up our tickets at will call. The line has started to get OD so luckily there was some heads up there who we knew of. Winzlow stunted and snagged a spot as me and Lesley go get the stuff she needed. We get back and its about time to go in, we are at the front front boi!!!! Lesley goes to change her shirt and comes back, pulls out the camera, puts in the batteries..uh oh..no memory card. All I could do is hang my head and say...wooo saaaahh. So we chill and some fat dude comes out and gets the crowd hype. Then it's show time, and the heavy ass riff for Anti-Matter comes on, Fam-Lay comes out, Shae comes out, then Skateboard P comes out. Hell yea I am amped, Winzlow is amped, Lesley jumps out of her skin. We are rockin' are asses off as they group of posers around us stand and don't know one word to the songs they played. So I know that N.E.R.D. has the tendency to pull people on stage on their concerts, that's why I wanted to get there early to get up front. So Objective 1 is already accomplished, Objective 2 came around and I definitely wanted to get up there. I mean honestly, we were in Pharrells face singing every lyric, he even saluted me because I had a BBC hat on. He knew who the fack I was, so why the hell would he not let me on. So he passed me for the last time and I just gave up and texted my mom as I jammed on. I mean I can't be that mad because mad other people want to be up there. Then......I felt a tap on my shoulder from Winzlow....I look up :'-(.....to see Fam-Lay.....:'-( ...holding his hand out to me :'-(. I could not believe what the hell was going on. I grabbed his hand as he yanked me on stage. My shoes flew off and then things went into slow motion. I ran to the drummers jumping around then I faced the crowd, everything was slow. The crowd waving their hands, Lesley and Winzlow cheering me on, then Spaz came on. That's when shit got senile and sped up. I lost my motherfuckin mind in my grey BBC hat and lime green BBC hoodie. Observe....

fast foward to 2 minutes...i have my hoodie half on

i'm the second one highlighted in this one lol

I went nuts and Spazd 4-5 years of cares, worries, and pain away. I did a head on dance with Pharrell twice and couldnt believe it. I mean think about it, this is the guy that inspires me, movtivates me in ever angle. Swag, intelligence, style, personality, skill...everything. I am on stage with him looking at him dead in his eyes. I couldn't believe it...Do you all know that N.E.R.D. has not made one song that I do NOT like? Yes, it's that serious. It was time for me to get off, and then I thought to myself.."Objective 2, complete!" I get back and dig my face in Lesley's shoulder as she watched the concert. I was sooo exhausted and could not believe what just happened. Life changing, but I had to get my shit together because there was another life I had to change. A few songs later, it was the ladies turn to get up there. Me and Winzlow repeatedly said "Don't Bluff!" to Pharrell, Shae, and Fam-Lay. I knew P wasn't going to be nice and Fam-Lay dissappointed me. Then P said that there was room for one more, then Shae said maybe two. Pharrell pulled one up then Shae walked towards us..."hell yes", i thought, "Shae Haley is a bitch!" So me and Winzlow pumped the DON'T BlUFF to the fullest, and hell yea Shae pulled her up. Lesley Spidermanned her way up there and Everyone Nose came on. Hell yea, I went balistic. Then she went absolutely ape shit. She def gave Pharrell the best dance of the night, Lucky P! Me and Winzlow look at each other and confirmed that it has been a night to remember. In my head i think "Objective 3, complete. We rock out hard and its about time for their set to end.....OH SHIT! COMMON STILL HAS TO COME OUT!!!
The C to the O double M-O-N! Fresh as scence, my mans had on a little lounge on stage for his gig. He jumped out with Annoucment and Winzlow went in! I never seen my nigga so into a song ever. Common's performance was staight forward with old school gems, but through out all these NEW HOT tracks. Which highly pissed me off because I am anticipating this album and at the time it wouldnt be out for a month, now it wont be out for another two months! But then I held Lesley tight as...my song..came on...this nigga played The Eye and I went crazy. My eyes teared up as he played the song. I pretty much knew the whole fucking song because I watched that video soo much. He would have thought I heard a leaked song because I knew too many parts of the song. But sadly, it isn't the case. Common gave me and Winzlow daps while he was on stage. Main man had mad energy. This is the guy that has had my number one spot since elementary school. SMH, I STILL CAN'T BELIEVE IT!! Common's performance had the whole crowd involved, even though half of them were posers. It was the end of the show and I thought to myself..."Mission Complete!"

Then we fast forward to that Saturday, I had to go to Lupe at Loyola by myself because I bought the absolute last ticket. My fault Winzlow; so I get to Loyola curtosey of Selom. The line is OD long and I still have to get my ticket. I get my ticket and the line waste no time moving. I get in and luckily I'm still kind of close. Some off-branded openers came out and performed then it was Lupe time. Lupe's band played as Lupe came out with all the swag and coolness the world could hold. This guy is little as shit might i say, dude is a little ball of energy. I did not think he would rock with so much energy as he did. He ran through pretty much every track on the cool. Hip Hop Saved My Life, Superstar, Intruder Alert, Go Go Gadget Flow, Paris Tokyo, Hi-Definition, Dumb it Down. He really didn't touch Food & Liquor. But he did play Sunshine, and tore shit the hell up with Day Dreamin. through out the whole night I through up the CRS symbol to him. He knew what the hell I was doing. So at the end of the show he through it up back at me. Hell yea my life just got cool man!


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