i really like this....

I like this video a lot, very clear with those vibrant colors. Honestly, I don't want my first video to look ANYTHING like the videos you see on MTV Jams or that simply looks HIGH budget. Though this may be changed once I get in to the field deeply. Just something about vibrant colors, clear screens, and little effects that makes videos look more fly and homegrown. This video has all of that, nevertheless-Curren$y is an okay rapper to me, nothing special. To tell the truth, I'm actually terrified to make my first video. Though I do know who the first video will be for, I don't want it to be nothing less than what we are expecting. I mean I do have a long way to go, we don't know the song or setting. A treatment has yet to be made as well, so maybe when all this get's done I'll feel better.....jeesh...

...this is not like me :-(,


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