[slick]'s homeade photobooth

The night before Homecoming Day, me and the FamBam went a little left with some jaegerbombs. I'm not going to get into what those our, youtube that. But believe me, my first bomb blew me the hell up. Then that led to another one, then another one, then I think one more. Then that last one led to [slick's] homemade photobooth. Fun fact about me: I think booth pics from the go-go are the funniest things out there. Praying hands and throwing sets up lol. The faces too. Funny thing is I came up with the idea when I was sober. So to get it poppin' you need to get some duct-tape, and a bed sheet then you have yourself a photobooth. Sick of paying $10 for a picture with you and 77 of your friends? Make your own, we'll show you how it's done.

you can't have a booth without ryan, that's my nigga right there. don't let the silence fool you

you know what they say, VA is for lovers

gynia girls know a lil somethin abot the dougie??

only the FamBam,


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