Homecoming '09

Well the day came, had a somewhat "spirited week". I wanted to take full advantage of this day this year. I felt I should being that I am ME. My mood was sort of set back because my dad was supposed to come, but he ended up reniggin' on me. That upon a prior upset kinda weighed me down. But hey it's life. To clear my mind I watched the game by myself. A great defensive game it was on our behalf. We beat NC A&T 7-6, it felt great being that I was sitting on their side of the stadium. After the game my spirit was a little lifted, I took off to enjoy the festivities.

Homecoming Day is the most you will ever get out of the fraternities and sororities on campus. It's sort of revitalizing to see them out there, but come one now-what are yall doing with the rest of the year?

Though I did hear that the president was the root of their ill-presence. Understanding that we are in the midst of a new one, maybe that will change. I hope, because seeing OLD head frat men and women throw shots back on campus and acting...OLD annoying..yes Alumni ANNOY me.

Another attaction that you MUST fool with is the food strip. The food is craze. Who has the best fish? The best collard greens? The best fried chicken? That's for you to choose. It's hard to choose because everything is sooo good. They had these carved pineapples that they filled with some good tasting smoothie. I got to catch that next year.

Then you have the whip game, make sure it's proper because the guys that I seen out that day were pullin' through with some ruthless material.

Then there are your vender of stuff that's just plain useless..

But to be honest, we could have used that last night. What happened last night you ask?



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