Kanye West-We Were Once A Fairytale

The news on this video have been circulating the net for MONTHS, the video was finally released, taken down by Ye himself, and found by the pioneer (me). I read a lot of feedback and reviews before watching the video. People said it was confusing, but of course it is, it's Kanye. So I start watching it and I'm thinking this can't be that confusing. Drunk, feeling on women, lost, hearbroken-but then he throws up roses petals. That's where I'm lost. Then that thing he pulled out-I can guess and say that that's his sadness and depression. His iniebriation led him to face it directly and kill it? I don't know. Regardless of what you think, this is a very silent video from Kanye. I like it-I want to watch it more.

shout out to boo-boo at 1:40,


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