Maestro Knows-Episode 4

One thing I always wondered about Levi is how he stays funded. It's not like me to worry about another person's money, but he's in the same field I am; what get's me the most is that he's successful in it. Just a thought. One thing that is clear is that he knows A LOT of people: Anthony Hamilton, Nelly, Jermaine Dupree, GLC, and now Warren G. Dude has connects, I've e-mailed with him a couple of times asking questions about his work and how this and that. I don't think I'm going to ask him how he got his connects and how his income comes. It's one of those instances where you get what you want. Nothing is handed to you ya know? Nevertheless, this guy is inspiration to me.

Maestro Waddup!,


P.S.-No comment on Warren G saying he could make better beats than most producers who produced for Jay-Z.

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