This was one of those convenient moments where I was happy to have my camera. Thing is I see this guy once a week playing his guitar singing. He's been at that same spot since last year, so I guess he's real serious about his movement:LOVE. I can hear him from at the top of the long escalator singing his tunes. His lyrics sound improvised and he really isn't all the keen on being on key lol. But his message is pure, and every time I hear them it sets my morning off. It's nice to see that he's still at the same spot at my second year around Federal Center SW. Let's us know that he's serious about his movement. He has a jar where people put money in, which may hint that he may be homeless. To be quite honest I don't know his housing status or financial upholds. But judging by his "occupation", he's richer than a lot of people working in those government buildings surrounding him.

much love bruh,


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