No need for a title, the picture says it all. Last week Nasa had a very invigorating week in the office building. If you were keeping up with the news you would know that Nasa recently inaugurated a new administrator to run the whole Nasa organization.

His name is General Charles Bolden, or Charlie for short. If you get a laid back feeling after seeing that picture, go ahead and kick your feet up. This guy is one of the most down to Earth position in power fellow that I have ever met. Yea, I met this guy face front. The day before his speech with his partner Lori Garver, I was coming from a deli with my supervisor. Yea we have a deli in our building on the 8th floor. I'm walking to the elevator and I peep this guy that looked like the guy I've been seeing and hearing about since I got to Nasa. I step on the elevator and the guy gets on. As soon as he does, he lays his right hand on my shoulder and smiles and ask, "SO! What do you do?". Sure enough, it was him. I stumbled all over my words, and said that I'm a Nasa intern. But he wanted to know what do I "do-do" (no pun intended for you nasty jerks.....it'd be a good joke though). So as I begin to tell him I go to Morgan he panics and says "OOOO I made you miss your floor!". Sure enough he did, but I got off on the wrong floor STILL, we haven't reached the floor my office is on yet. But see is the head-honcho, I had to take it like a champ. But I was stoked for running into him like I did.

Nevertheless he's about business and ready to move on. The lady to the right is Lori Garver. If you're wondering how I got such good pictures, I was up front, the VERY FRONT. First row fam, that commandment doesn't only relate to concerts people! Charlie is a man of great valor and ill pride. One thing he made aware was that he cries a lot. Which I respected soooo much, because believe or not...I cry a lot too. You got those who say, "Why worry about other people, just do you, you don't even know them". Well hey to each is own, to every left there's a right. I will say that I pray for the left. It's just how I grew up, for some odd reason I always felt other peoples pain and cares; to see that a grown man relates to something that's apart of me comforted me. Another thing I liked was that he's very family oriented. If you know me, I love family. Family that's really family or close ones that I consider family. He referred to his family soo much in his speech you'd think they were actually there at the speech, which they weren't. Once his speech was over I got to meet him one more time, one thing I didn't mention above when we were in the elevator was that I did tell him I went to Morgan State and he says, "Oh, you're a Bison!". Lol, then he says, "OOOHHH THAT'S HOWARD!!" and we laughed. He's from Texas so I took it easy on him. So when I met him for the second time his speech was over, I figured he met sooo many people by now he probably wouldn't remember me. Even though he pointed me out at the beginning of everything. I said hey, "It's me the Bison". He laughed and said it was good to see me again. Anywho, he knows what he's talking about. If things go right I can see us on Mars within the next 5-10 years.

to infinity and beyond!,


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