Moment of silence.....

whoa whoa whoa! did not expect to get this uncontrollable feeling of...being uncontrolled. I heard about this track like two or three days ago, and debated whether or not I'm going to listen to it. I said, "When the radio streams it, I'll listen to it, and post it on my blog. But after I listen to it, NADA!". Of course I'm going to bless all of you guys. The beat is seriously bananas. Kanye West is the greatest producer out right now I swear. Rihana sounds sooo beautiful on the chorus, Hov should really be blessed to have her on BP3. Kanye's verse is light to me, I believe Kanye's guest verses are going to be mediocre until he drops his next album. I feel he knows what he's doing. It's a gemini connection. All those fuckin' dick riders and stans on The Forum are all saying, "GEE WILIKERS, KANYE KILLED JAY-Z ON HIS ON TRACK!". Man can they all stfu, they only heard that shit once. Kanye's verse is nice. Jay-z's verse is nice too, nothing to fascinating. Actually Hov's flow is a bit wild on it, so I retract that statement. I say that because I know you guys are going to hear me rapping it over and over again...yea it's on of them songs yo. So with out further delaying, go download the track.

Jay-Z feat. Kanye and Rihana-Run This Town [DOWNLOAD]

now if I could forget the melody of the track...shit,


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