hit the nail on the head...

Method Man & Redman really go to work on this Nas & Kelis situation. Well Meth does more than Redman does. As serious as the situation is, you can't help but laugh at Redman for being so funny lol. Regular Redman if you ask me. But Meth went in, and he what I respect is he didn't generalize it, meaning he didn't say ALL ladies are screwed up and he also called dudes out on their bluffs. But at the same time he had to focus on the matter at hand. $55,000 a month, that's out of line for child support. There's some type of backyard work going down with this, because as much as I LOVE KELIS TO DEATH I feel as if she's smiling evilly at this situation. Too much money for ONE child. There are women who do this for a living, and love it. Yet when guys say things like "sluts, hoes, and bitches" they get yacked on. As long as there are women around doing stuff like that, there are going to be "sluts, hoes, and bitches". Not to say Kelis is either AND not to say she worked Nas in a manner like one of those. BUT, $55,000 a month is like a rebuttle.



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