Kanye West-Paranoid

Whoa, this is a G.O.O.D. Music week. There was a rough cut of this video that was thrown up not too long ago. To be frank, I wasn't impressed...Kanye wasn't either. I was happy to read on of his entries on his blog stating that the rough video is going to stay a rough video. It wasn't actually the real video. This one right here is the actualy video. He went out with this one. He even went as far as changing up the song a little bit...and it sounds great. I get a 1920's horror film, Michael Jackson Thriller, late night, mentally insane feeling from this video. They did a great job of making Rihana look like she's mentally ill in this video. Especially the first part when she raised out of the bed. My favorite part was when the shadow hands pulled the covers off of her...sooo dope. Kanye keep it coming, I hope you got Robocop next! The link to the revamped version of Paranoid is below, it isn't CDQ it's ripped fromt the video. Maybe Ye will bless us some more.

Kanye West-Paranoiod (Video Version)

you worry 'bout the wrong thangs,


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