Wale-Family Affair

Wale leaked the last song off his mixtape before it drops. This one is called Family Affair, he takes a tap into a relationship between a prostitute, a pimp, and the prostitute's child. A very deep song that really hits me hard, and I haven't been in any type of situation where prostitution was going on. It's a sad thing to get saturated into ladies. Your bodies is worth more than a few dollars, really take a listen to it.

Wale-Family Affair




Wale-Chillin' Video

I did a little snoopin' around and look what I ran into. Wale is the next big thing, dude can really rap. He's good. Definitely in my top 10..MY top 10, so fuck yours if you hate. Got a good old UCB and Bun B cameo. This dude is making me happy to be apart of the DMV. By the way, the fresh factor of this video is of the chain..be careful watching.

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Virtue said...

this guy is VERY fresh...love this video..DMV is where its at...!
my house in Georgetown is under construction! :p