Mos Def's Album Listening at Commonwealth

Now usually you can spot me on Twitter ranting because Commonwealth or Stussy has all the hot events when I leave for school. So far since, they've had 9th Wonder, Wale, Chester French, Bun B, and the Young Gunz in their store. Want to know the bad part about that, I wasn't there. All these release events that they have and I'm never there. Well, they had a Mos Def album listening for his up and coming piece The Ecstatic; I definitely wasn't missing this. I didn't care if Flaco (Mos Def) was going to be there or not. I just needed to get with a crowd I've been trying to be around for the longest.

The Ecstatic album cover..for those who've been sleeping

One thing I liked about this function was that it was a pure scoff fest. So chilled and un-formal. No pay, free drinks. All you had to do was come in..shop, listen, and drink. I was in a big rut because I was in there dying of thirst and they had ice cold Vodka and RedBull. Too bad for me, I'm the designated drive for myself. Not riding to one of those dolo ever again. I mean..I would if it came do to it. But for the most part it seems like it'd be dope going with more people than just yourself.

One thing about Commonwealth is that they pull out good fitteds. You can't get your hands on those around here or anywhere that much.

Man I want this rug so badly

This is outside the store, this is where people who are shop regs or employees scoff at. A lot of people in this area has been to these events plenty of times. They just wish to hang instead of getting down with the actual function. I'm not a shop reg, but these guys know my face, at least some of them. Don't worry I plan to change that.

On top of everything, the album was actually good. Mos Def has definitely been putting out some upsetting stuff these past years. Black on Both Sides was that master plan. Can't think of anything that can top it, even this album right here. But I knew this album was definitely going to give me the feeling that Mos is on a campaign back to his prime. He has a lot of 70s sounding Starsky and Hutch vibes on here. My favorite is Casa Bey. Twilight is another song that I funk with hard, it has a more of a heavy hitting bounce with hard horns. Produced by Chad Hugo, so of course I'm prone to funk with it. June 9th, 2009, I'm coppin'.

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Knowledge of The Union said...

I roll dolo to events a lot since I moved, I just drink and make sure to sober up before I leave. Glad you had fun, those fitteds looked hot.

As for the Mos Def album, I haven't heard any of it yet but I guess I'm obligated to try it. After New Danger and True Magic or whatever that was called, I'm scared