Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh :-)

So I am finally back on my feet for with this bloggin'. Man I try my best to get things up on the blog after at least two days of it happening. It's either I got work to do, or I got work to do. You guys cannot front though, my blog game has sort of been on the potent side since the start of '09 has it :-). Still so much stuff I want to put up, I get most of my inspiration looking at Bobby Hundred's blog. You can peep his on my blog list. Being confined to this campus definitely doesn't help things. I'm going to start taking the bus to places. Winzlow and I got our eyes on John Hopkins, they got the nice Barnes & Nobles with Coldstone, Subway, Chipotle, Starbucks. Yea, I may start moving up there instead of keeping locked in this library. I feel freaking trapped here. Anyways, my drive for a 4.0 is getting serious. I'm going home this weekend, I need to get rejuvenated for school. Being confined to a campus like this is definitely not healthy at all. I'm in the midst of getting things done right here and now instead of procrastinating. That procrastination is a serious bitch I tell you. Any who I hope that you all still enjoy my blog and keep reading and keep commenting. Comments aren't required but I feel good when I get them :-)....



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