It's a new week, the weather is sort of on the gorgeous side. I'm freakin' smothered in note taking for Psychology. I just cracked another damn C on a test, I'm getting tired of all these damn Cs. It's cool though, this whole week I am getting on the extra grind. The weekend was definitely eventful I must say. Now what I was SUPPOSED to and SHOULD have done was take my ass home wash my clothes and get my hair cut. But know, I figured I wanted to party and have a little bit of drink in my system. I could have went home and brought my car back, but I was getting home too late to be doing all that dumb shit. So I canceled everything and kicked up here with the boys. Buddah and Showtime were having a shindig at their crib, and Bella was the man with the liquor of course. It was a new crowd, certainly not what I was used to but I still had some fun.

Gran with his [GRAN]BERRY

then you have the likes of a drunk person that you don't know, but just so happens to be cool

I had the drunken honor of wearing the Marc's watch. Holla at him on Facebook or ask about Slick Talk #4 night to get the history on that gem

definitely a classic picture to me, but where the hell is Bella

that's what I'm talking about, not everyone has to be standing up drinking

technically, this was my first time actually sitting down and playing guitar hero. I definitely put in some work on that game, and on top of that I was tipsy. So it comes to show I'm non-stop with life. Get Like Me!

I told you that girl was cool

this is Laura, she was cool too! Ain't nothing like sharing current life stories with someone you hardly know while you're tipsy

So as the night goes on, I wandered around the house and ran into something that I found HIGHLY interesting.

This here is a one of a kind, state-of-the-art, periodic table for sex positions. When I say this mothafucka had every damn position in created by man.....and woman...smh. Me being the curious george I am, I decided to take notes and I even picked out a few of my favorites! :-)

The Rear Tripod reminds me of a camera tripod, awesomeeeeee


Lol, definitely a smooth addition to any bachelor pad.

Definitely didn't know that out of all people, Gran would be comfortable sleeping on a foreign floor lol

now you KNOW I had to get my share

The night was very good, I had a nice lean; I wasn't shit-faced and people were actually vibing with each other. That's how Shindigs should be, even though I have seen better....ahem ours. Now came a problem, how the hell was I going to get home. I mean getting there was just as bad! Dave was bunned up in the movies and once he got there he wasn't even trying to take us (Me, Tim, Zamark, Winzlow) back. Bella (our ride there) was way to drunk to drive. So shit, let's walk. We all were down accept Winzlow. So as we were about to walk a girl stopped and told us that we shouldn't walk. It was too late and anything can happen. Cool, so she was ready to give us a ride. We get in the car, she seems wild sober too. As we are driving out, she speeds up, faster and faster. Then she is hitting 80 as she is turning, then all you hear is.....*SCCRREEEEEEECCCHH SCCREEEEEEEECCCCCCHHH SSCCRREEEEEEECHHH BOOM*!!! This girl spun us out of control and had us hitting a curb hard as shit car almost tipping over, already ran over a sign. The damn jolt of her hitting the curb dead ass almost sent me through the window. When I tell you that everything I love came to me within 10 seconds I meant it. The bad thing is this girl tried to keep it moving with a flat tire and a jammed in door! Not flying mommi, thanks for your help but you almost got me killed. Zamark is already halfway down the road, the girl tried to get Zamark. This man cussed her the hell out and kept it moving, this definitely was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed. I was a sober ass dude now, Tim ,sober also, decided to stay back and help the girl put her spare in. Me, I want to get back to my room and kiss my bed. Me, Winzlow, and Zamark about 7 LOOONNG ass blocks in the wee hours in the more in Baltimore. I couldn't believe that I was in an accident like that. I thanked GOD soo much, couldn't be more shook than I was that night.

Now I didn't tell you guys that just to get some attention or sympathy, hell no. I told you guys that to show you how QUICKLY your life could change. Who knew what the hell was going to happen to us? How did we know? That's right, you don't know. Do not take anything for granted. Be humble, be truthful, don't life, be real with yourselves or the one around you. You never know when your ticket or theirs will be punched.

much love,


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