Person Of The Moment: Lauren Nedd

..or how I say..Nedidid. I feel as if they are two D's in her name they should be pronounced. We ain't going to be neglecting letters out here. But this is Lauren my friends, a very lively, funny, happy, and an all around bright person to be around. We met back in Springfuck High School in some history class. I forgot the teachers name, but I remember that his face was ALWAYS red. I felt as if my role was to all ways poke, kick, tackle, pester, and annoy Lauren. I would and it got worse through at high school because it wasn't going to stop. But of course it was all out of tough love. College comes and I need a place to sleep because Thurgood second semester was not the place for me to be. She opened up her couch to me whenever I needed it, always gave food if I asked. The best thing is she was sincere and genuine when she was giving. I have been sick for like the past week, she ran me a bunch of meds to my room from her room which is on the total opposite end of campus. I was shocked, the only thing she said was "That's what friends do", which is fucking righteous! That right there just set the record, Lauren is a great friend and every real person needs a real person like her to hang with.



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Knowledge of The Union said...

lol about neglecting letters. sounds like a great person