[slick] on being sick

I have been green under the gills for about a good 4 days now. I don't freakin' get it when it comes to me being sick. I remember back in elementary and middle school, kids would be sick for one day and come back the next. Shit that even happened in high school. I never got it and it still continues to blow my mind how these cats would come back like spickin' span brand new. ME, I get sick, and it will last for an eternity. I HATE being sick, it makes my mood crapy and its just not in! Taking meds is not a problem, but taking meds just seem wild gross to me. It can 40 degrees outside or 80 degrees outside, I AM FACKING COLD!! But wait, if you touch my body I feel as if I am the human torch. But that's not it, while the rest of my body is cold, from my neck on up it feels as if some is blowing blue fire on it and my eyes feels as if they are about to burn out. NO matter what the sickness is that I get, I ALWAYS get a sore throat. It's like he has shindigs every how many months I get sick. Soar throats hurt, they make your breathe smell abnormally bad which is abnormally embarrassing and you have this stomach plunging taste in your mouth. So now that you have this stomach plunging taste in your mouth, everything you eat or drink taste disgusting. So now you don't even want to eat. Yea that's how it is for me. Plus that taste is making your damn stomach feel all woozy and queezy. Other than soup, I can't eat! So now I have no energy, literally. I look very sluggish, gloomy, and out of the game. I get blood rushes everytime I sit my head up and I start to see colors and stuff. I got like stages of sickness like the painful stage, the annoying stage, the exhausted stage, and the nasty stage. Lol, I REFUSE to talk to you about the nasty stage. But, it's probably the best stage because it means I'm about to be better

By now I have probably pissed a new ocean with all these sick germs in me. I must say I am feeling better. My throat is still sort of sore, but I have 3 tea bags on deck with honey and some lemon cough drops. I am evicting this thing dead ass. Thanks to everyone who checked up on me and gave me stuff to help cure me.



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