Person Of The Moment: JL

One of the very few that I look forward to seeing when I got back to Springbrook. Jazzmine Lawrence is her name. She done changed her name on Facebook so many times, I forgot how to spell her real name (I hope the way I spell it is right). Therefore, I put JL because that's her most simple nickname. Yea though, that's my goon JL right there. You mess with me, you mess with her. Trust and believe if any girl wants to get greasy with me, JL will be there to answer. Dead ass. I vowed that there are only two girls that I there are two girls that I would never fight, one is Domiqua from school, and JL. Look at the size of them knuckles in the picture up there. Na uh, I am not messing with those. That's why I'm happy I got JL on my side. But through all the tough talk and thick skin, JL is kind hearted, dope, and always ready to listen. Stands out to be one the closes in my social circle. Seriously, I let this girl drive my car around a neighborhood. So you already know JL is official. All is all, I'm blessed to have JL is my homegirl! JL WADDUP!!!


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