Don't act like I you didn't know it was comin.

I woke up 8 o'clock this morning to purchase this album, as soon as Target opened those doors, I ran, picked the CD case up, looked at it, ran to the cashier, bought it, ran back home, ripped the CD music off my computer, took a shower as it ripped, put it on my PSP, got dressed, ran to my car, drove to Baltimore, and blasted the life out of my speakers. I honestly can't think of artist who can continually make albums with perfection. Alot of artist have at least one CD that really is not recognized or good as their others. For me, there is Common's Electric Circus, Kanye's Graduation, 50 Cent's Curtis, and so on. But I swear to you, N*E*R*D* seriously breaks that boundary. All three albums was fire in its on element. In Search Of dug into the crates of raw guitars, and scratchy synths but never leaving the electric keyboard. Then the band took things to a more bandish sound with live drums with loud and energetic air guitars, still rockin' with the keyboard. Now if you put on a white lab coat, conduct an experiment where you take a sample of the essence of In Search Of, do the same thing with Fly or Die, put it in a pot, mix it up, and then you will get Seeing Sounds. This album breaks the minds of regular genre, takes the eye patch off the pirates, gives sight to the blind, and a pair of new ears for the deaf. N*E*R*D* has dedicated tracks to taping two girls having hot lesbian sex with each other (Tape You), a boy addicted to marijuana (Bobby James), a boy who provides dope to people (Provider), bullies (Thrasher), rebelling against war(Drill Sargent), runaway disobedient high school kids (Jump), making love in the backseat of a car (Backseat Love). Now with Seeing Sounds they move on to subjects like females getting attached over a one night stand (Yeah You), a secret that was exposed (Sooner or Later), a psycho who wants world love and peace (Love Bomb), being a peeping tom through a ladies window (Window), the list just goes on. I have to tell you that N*E*R*D* is one of the most conservative, but inspirational bands on earth. I have all three albums, all three albums are classic. I find it hard not to like a song by them. They aren't afraid of telling stuff how it is. You guys heard the intro to In Search Of, "We are rare, we are the strong, we are the meek..but we are just not humble about it". Yea I got that quote from them. Seeing Sounds dabs into both digitized drums and live drums too. Some songs combine both types of sounds. Songs such as Sooner or Later and Love Bomb are extremely bass heavy and created to make your head bob. I also noticed how they gave songs a couple of a bit of a 70's dance feel to it, Yeah You (my personal favorite) and You Know What. I love dance sounding tracks.

All together this album is great, I'm going to throw it a 4/5. One thing I was disappointed about was the fact that Anti-Matter did not have live drums on it. If you Youtubed the song and watched them play it live, that thing rocked. It' still a hot song, I just think the son would have hit harder wth live drums. BUY THIS ALBUM!


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.lol son, me and you....we see eye 2 eye iswear...lol...ihad no clue anybody else listen to NERD like dat...niggas don't know bout thrasher, fly or die, breakout, chariot of fire...catch my drift?..lol